10 Reasons to not be Afraid of Ghosts

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Are you scared of ghosts? Should you be afraid of a ghost? Halloween for the year 2010 is near so I have decided to write this topic as a self-help article related with getting rid of the fear on ghosts. I’m talking about the cultural and traditional ghosts depicted as dark spirits who frighten and torture people literally. Well, here are ten reasons why you should not be afraid of a ghost.

1. Your fear will strengthen their power. Common sense tells that we should not generate any amount of fear with a ghost since our fear is the source of their strength and power. If you don’t want a ghost to overcome you, then simply don’t be afraid.

2. Ghost movies are fictional. Most movie producers are clever businessmen who are only after for profits. They will create horror movies portraying ghosts at their most violent and most exaggerated characteristics just to scare people who want to taste some extra frightening feelings. So don’t expect horror films to represent what is true about ghosts.

3. They don’t live in dark and lonely places. Are you thinking that ghosts live in cemeteries, haunted houses or other isolated and dark places? The truth is they reside in the hearts of people – and maybe in your heart at this moment of time. They dwell on the wicked hearts of persons whom they can easily conquer. If your heart is full of hatred, pride, deceit, envy, lust and other evil things, then demonic spirits will find your heart a haven to live. So if a ghost (or even an army of diabolic ghosts) lives in your heart, you can always encounter them wherever you will go – whether you go to a dark cemetery or go to a party.

4. They are not dead people. One of the biggest lie that has been around for ages is the belief that ghosts are the spirits of dead people (a family member or a friend who passed away). The truth is that evil ghosts wander on Earth to deceive and spread ignorance to the human race. They can easily copy the faces and images of the deceased persons to deceive anyone on Earth. Dead people are dead people, and they neither hear you nor think about you. They are resting in peace until the day of resurrection. People are actually scared of ghosts because they are scared of the dead or the state of “death”. Remember that ghosts are lively beings, not dead people.

5. They are not after your physical injury. They are after your spiritual damages. This means that their task is not to break your neck or make you a bloodily injured person (as seen on fictional horror movies). They aim on deceiving your soul by making you believe that they are powerful. They inflict you with greed, lust, hatred, envy and deceit to contaminate your soul and eventually destroy your chance of eternal salvation.

6. Fear comes from the lack of knowledge. People are scared to death when they feel or hear about ghosts. They are afraid because of darkness and unawareness that clothe themselves. Bogus and exaggerated information fill out most of the people’s mind that is why they are scared. If they will only know the truth (read all these 10 reasons) about ghosts, their fear will surely dwindle. Just think of a child who is afraid of the dark. Knowledge and understanding make us more mature.

7. They are afraid of the light. Diabolic ghosts live in spiritual darkness (deceit, lies and confusion). This is because they are afraid of spiritual light (truth, love, kindness, wisdom and godliness). If you walk in the light, then ghosts will not risk bothering you.

8. They are afraid of the Spirit of God. Ghosts and spiritual evils invade and reside in the wicked hearts of men. God’s spirit also dwells in the hearts of righteous people. If your heart is filled with love, truth, self-control, kindness and you’ve accepted God’s spirit to dwell in your heart, then evils will not attempt to step in your heart.

9. You should fear God instead. The devil and his army of darkness spread lies and deceit on Earth to keep us away from the truth and from the knowledge of God. They multiply this spiritual darkness and confusion by originating false information through their deceived victims. Wisdom overcomes our fear of the devil and his evil subordinates. Wisdom is the beginning of the fear of the Lord. So don’t be a slave of lies and evil, instead be a servant of God.

10. You are also a ghost. We are actually ghosts. You are composed of a flesh and a spirit. If you are afraid of the ghost, it indicates weakness in your spirit. Perhaps you are more material than spiritual, and think more about you physical life rather than your eternal existence. Remember that you are also a ghost. So if you have a strong and enlightened spiritual life, why should you afraid of the wicked ghosts?

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  3. Ghosts are real, but I believe these these spiritual beings are not the souls of come-backing dead people.

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