10 Secret Quotes about Life

The Life of a Candle

The following 10 secret quotes about life aim to give you a different perspective of life in general. In our previous post entitled the 20 Secret Quotes about Love, we give you deeper meanings and thoughts of what is love all about. This time, we have dug to the most controversial and most questioned thing in our life – the life itself. So read, know, understand and have insights on the quotes that follow:

Life has ups and downs, has left and right curves, and has a balance position – but that is not the point. The point is to hold on to life no matter what and where you are.

What is the difference between a human and a supercomputer? When a supercomputer processes millions of data and produces the best decision – it acts on that decision. When a human processes some data and produces the best decision – it’s either he acts on that decision or leave it and go out to eat some ice cream. A supercomputer may think faster than humans, but it never had a free will.

The real cost of living is more expensive than economics.

The purpose of life is to serve its Creator. Of course you will only understand it if you know Him.

All answers to the questions of life are found at the end of life. But you don’t need to die to know it. You just need to travel in time. I’m not telling about traveling through distance by acceleration. I’m telling about traveling through time by… reflection.

What is the meaning of life? In the biological sense, a man and woman bear life because of their love. In the spiritual sense, a Supreme Being creates life out of His love. Furthermore, every human and divine law, which aims to give a better life, is founded by love. Isn’t it that we ought to live in love?

The greatest illusion of life is death, and many people have fallen to that trick.

When a man kills an innocent person, it’s not the victim’s life that is taken – it’s the life of the murderer.

To change a man’s life, you need to change his eyes, ears, nose, mouth, hands, feet, brain, heart, spirit and everything which are attached to him. In other words, you need to change his all. You cannot change a man by only changing his brain, for his eyes, ears and the rest of his personality will still drag his head to its original state.

An ideal life is to be desired, not to be dreamed. You should get it when you are awake, not when you are sleeping.

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