10 Secrets to Burning Excess Body Fat

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How to burn excess body fats? How to lose those unwanted fats that unfavorably affects the shape of your body? Actually, fats are important players in our body. Fat is used as a source of heat and energy, as insulation and protection for the organs and nerves, as a regulator for the fat soluble vitamins (A, D, E & K), and as a source of the essential fatty acids. However, excess fats that are unnecessary for the regulation of our body can cause us health problems, as well as beauty problems. This is why I will share you the following 10 secrets to burning those extra and disgusting fats in your body:

1. You cannot just go there to conquer fats, you need to learn some important knowledge.
Firstly, before we start in our journey to battle those extra fatty portions of our body, we should have the knowledge on how to do it right. Many people fail in obtaining the right shape because they are doing the wrong ways. Instead of following the right procedures, they mistakenly embrace the false myths. Thus, the following secrets must be learned before we attempt to burn fats in our body.

2. Starving will not help you to be fit and stay fit, you should speed up your metabolism
Our body is naturally engineered to defend itself from dangers. If we deprive ourselves from eating sufficient foods, our body will automatically be in a starvation mode. In this mode, our metabolism slows down to protect ourselves from total shut down. It will also be in a survival mode, forcing us to intake more foods. To keep our body from starvation and to speed up our metabolism, we should eat frequent small amount of food rather than eat only twice bulky amount of food every day. Drinking adequate volume of water will also help your metabolism run faster. We should always keep our metabolism on the right track and speed so that it will constantly burn the right amount of calories even when we sleep.

3. You can actually burn fats through eating
Yes, you heard it right! Eating fruits rich in Vitamin C (e.g., oranges, limes, guava, grapefruit, papaya, tomatoes); fiber-rich foods such oatmeal, whole grains and berries; almond and other nuts; calcium rich dairy products such as milk, rich and yogurt; protein rich foods such as eggs and beans; green tea; and fish oil will help you burn fats quickly. By avoiding salt and sugar, you can also minimize fats in your body.

4. The more you sweat doesn’t mean the more you lose fats
The sweats that come out from your skin don’t mean fats that burn out from your body. The sweats you lose are not calories, they are your body’s supply of water and they are eventually replaced when you drink water after workout. This only means that you can burn calories regardless of whether you are sweating or not. So don’t worry if you run a mile and you don’t get sweat – you still burn calories.

5. Building muscles can help you burn fat
Building muscles, through the right weight training workouts, diet and rest, is beneficial to burning fats. Some fitness experts say that the more the muscles we have, the more calories we will burn.  This can be true because our muscles are the ones responsible for our every movement. This means our muscle cells burn calories faster than fats can. Muscles also burn calories even at rest. Furthermore, the training workouts we perform to build muscles help us burn more calories, strengthen our bones, improves our body shape and composition, and get a stronger and healthier body.

6. Burn more calories than you eat
This means if you want to lose weight or an extra pound of fat, you need to have more “calorie out” than “calorie in”. There are three ways to achieve this. First, you can eat less amount of calorie everyday and maintain your regular outflow of calories (level of activities, exercise or workouts). Secondly, you can maintain your regular intake of calories and increase your calorie outflow (increasing the intense of your activities or workouts). Third is the combination of the two. You may need to do some math and calculate your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) to estimate the amount of energy your body needs to function.

7. Burning fats only on a particular part of your body doesn’t work
Spot reduction or working only on a particular part of your body, such as your belly, does not work when it comes to burning fats.  When our body loses fat it losses throughout the body. Some experts say that the first area in our body to get fat, and the last to become lean is the midsection for most men and hips and thighs for most women. To make sure that we lose fats and gain the best shape of our body, we should exercise our whole body.

8. Your own body is naturally a good health instructor
Apart from other fitness gurus, our own body is naturally built as a good health instructor. It knows itself and it can defend itself from harm and dangers. It signals us messages of instructions to keep itself in good condition. When it needs food, it gives us instruction to eat by being in a starvation mode. When we are overeating, it sends us a message to stop by creating pain in our bloated stomach. When it needs water, we get thirsty. When we are tired and feel sleepy, it tells us to get rest and sleep. Thus, to have a great body, we should listen to our body.

9. You must find and eliminate the mastermind
If we are to eliminate those unwanted fats in our body, we must find out what causes them to appear.  If you become obese because of gluttony, then you should stop it. If your become fat because of laziness, then you should overcome it. If you get those extra fats in your body because of stress and other mental and emotional problems, then you got to get rid of them. If you obtain fats from all of those that are previously mentioned, then you should eradicate them all.

10. Why are you burning fats anyway?
Last but not the least, we should know why we need to burn fats. In other words we need to have a sense of purpose and direction in our quest to break those fats. This may sounds basic, but this is the reason why many people succeed in getting the shape they dreamed of – they did that because it is very important for them to accomplish that.  You need to find out how important it is for you to lose those excess fats in your body. It maybe because you need to get stronger, you need to be healthier, you need to look prettier or you just want to impress your partner. Whatever it is, you must define your specific purpose. Let that sense of purpose be toughened and cause you to burn those unlikable fats in your body.

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Disclaimer: This article is for informational use only and do not constitute professional advice. We recommend to seek advice with your doctor or nutritionist to determine the proper workout suitable for your particular condition and body.

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