10 Secrets to Success Tips from Top Bloggers

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Below are success secrets I quoted from the world’s top and profitable solo bloggers. As I am also a blogger, I use to browse the web seeking for wisdom that I may use to empower my blog and inspire myself to provide more valuable contents and free services to my readers. No matter how good we are in anything, we still need the best coaches and mentors available on the planet. The following are golden tips that will serve as inspirations and lighting guides to anyone who has a pursuit for success in online entrepreneurship. Enjoy and have best results!

“Realize that you earn income by providing value — not time – so find a way to provide your best value to others, and charge a fair price for it.”  – Steve Pavlina  (StevePavlina.com)

“Share your expertise generously so people recognize it and depend on you.” – Seth Godin (SethGodin.typepad.com)

“If you can spot why blogs succeed and others fail you can increase your chances of success. Take a moment to really examine the successful and not-so successful blogs and try to figure out what works out there.” – Darren Rowse (Problogger.net)

“A successful entrepreneur must have an air or a grace about him that will demand respect from other individuals. I would like to say that I am a very friendly person, always looking for new contacts and always trying to network with others who share similar skills and attributes. At the same time, you must also conduct business in a very formal way, being punctual, polite and remaining cool under pressure.” – Yaro Starak (Entrepreneurs-Journey.com)

“If you’re really serious about building a profitable online business or becoming influential/successful in whatever you do, you should always keep your mental energy focused and your activities directed.” – Maki (DoshDosh.com)

“Our efforts to achieve success hinge on little victories. When it’s all said and done, after 10,000 hours of hard work, the external sense that it all seems effortless is just another external sign that you’ve worked hard to achieve your position. But it’s really only the start of another kind of effort, complete with more little victories to be had along the way.” – Chris Brogan (ChrisBrogan.com)

“In an ultra-competitive environment, a quality product or service is an indisputable market obligation (and I’d say an ethical obligation as well). But given how we actually operate as human beings in the face of overwhelming choice, isn’t a communication approach that bonds emotionally with our prospective customers also a market obligation? Perhaps even an ethical one?” – Brian Clark (CopyBlogger.com)

“So my point really is that you can’t just start up a blog and in a few months (even years) expect to earn the respect of your readers to start selling them products. You need to actually give value… and do it consistently over time.” – Jeremy Schoemaker (ShoeMoney.com)

“As the goal gets bigger, so does the reward. Because the rewards are getting bigger and because the next goal seems a lot more achievable then the final goal, you are far more motivated to keep building. Doing it this way is a lot more fun than just trying to reach the end.” – John Chow (JohnChow.com)

“when most people speak they tell the audience what they want to hear. When I speak I tell the audience the truth, whether they like it or not. By doing this you can gain the respect of thousands of people every year, as well as obtain paid contracts from a few of the conference attendees.” – Neil Patel (QuickSprout.com)

To summarize their secrets to success tips, the following are notable:

1. Giving value
2. Generosity and reliability
3. Spy and learn
4. Network and interaction
5. Focus
6. Hard work and consistency
7. Ethics and relationship
8. Earning respect
9. Fun and enthusiasm
10. Truthfulness

There you are. I hope these pieces of treasured information will motivate you in reaching your goals – online or offline.

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