101 Self Improvement Tips to Optimize Your Life

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A wise person knows he still has a room for personal growth and development. He doesn’t stop improving himself economically, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually. Also, if we want to enhance other people’s lives, we should start providing ourselves with their own enhancements. Thus, we all need self improvement. I decided to make a list of 101 tips on that matter in my serious goal to optimize your life. The list is long enough to be read in just one sitting. So I recommend you to bookmark this page in your browser or save it in your favorite bookmarking service online so that you can read and finish it anytime. Despite of its length, you can read the tips on the list wherever you want to start. All of them aim to guide and help you live an optimal life. You may also add your own tips to the comment box at the bottom of this post. Enjoy reading!

1. Acquire more knowledge about yourself through reflection
2. Improve your principles in life by studying the principles of others
3. Review your preferences in life that cause your attitudes – make progress
4. Get more understanding on things that you value
5. Get clearer insights
6. Practice loving every day until you perfect it
7. Test your faith by finding answers to the questions about your faith
8. Prove your belief through knowing mind and justification by heart
9. Practice selflessness and gentleness
10. Transform your dreams into desires
11. Maximize your power and privilege to make a choice. Say yes if yes and say no if no.
12. Be emotionally strong by being humble
13. Be emotionally resistant by being patient
14. Change your pride with honor
15. Be spiritual by understanding both the natural things and the heavenly things
16. Leave your false religion. Remember that a pure religion is one that is purely spiritual, non-for-profit and charitable.
17. Find a true church, one that cannot be destroyed by time and matter.
18. Learn how to take care of your pet
19. Don’t just talk to the flowers in your garden, also listen to their needs. They might need more sunlight than your noise.
20. Find the answer why the sky is blue
21. Don’t stop seeking for the answers on the question what is the meaning and purpose of life? Until you have truly find it.
22. Utilize Google in finding some great online articles about self-improvement
23. Also consider reading those subjects in hard books and magazines.
24. Watch cartoon and animated movies that contains golden lessons in life
25. Attend personal development seminars and workshops
26. Be a leader by initiating to become a servant
27. Read and understand the Bible and turn to its rebuke
28. Count your lies in a day until you have nothing to be counted
29. Avoid lust and adultery by marrying the right partner of your life
30. If you’re already married, fortify your marriage and relationship by living love with your spouse
31. Workout to build muscles to be strong, not just to be beautiful
32. Exercise and have a proper diet to lose extra fat, bearing in mind to have a healthy body, not just a sexy body
33. Listen to your body. Rest when you are tired.
34. Work when you’re bored
35. Sleep or nap when you feel sleepy, but force yourself when you feel lazy
36. Eat when you’re hungry and drink when you’re thirsty
37. Don’t be a glutton – stop eating when you’re full
38. Ask yourself which is more important – your lungs that makes your breathing or your cigarette that makes your body cells dying? Never stop to stop smoking!
39. Also never stop in stopping your alcohol addiction which can dry out your money while starving your family
40. Value what you righteously choose and stand what you have valued
41. Stop writing gibberish statements. Proofread your writings for unnecessary sentences
42. Stop taking nonsense. Use your brain to proofread your speech for foul and unyielding words
43. Concentrate on solutions rather than on problems
44. Focus on answers rather than on questions
45. Get rid of your fear of death by understanding the truth about eternal life
46. Accept that there is no such thing as absolute freedom. It’s either you will serve good or evil. Of course serve goodness
47. Have more time to embrace your children
48. Don’t be afraid of evil by having fear of the Lord.
49. Be memorable of the little good things that happened to your life… and be thankful
50. Learn the best self-defense – one that can defeat the worst of yourself
51. Imagine the Universe and study atoms, as well as its sub particles
52. Share your blessings to the destitute
53. Encourage others to also share their blessings to the poor
54. Donate time to teach and inspire people
55. Don’t just ask God, be more a listener to Him
56. Participate in formal and friendly debates
57. Don’t start ending your great goals
58. Plant a tree and nurture it
59. Have a vacation with your loved ones to strengthen your relationships with them
60. Don’t wait for a team-building conducted in a place far from your office  – start building teamwork now in your workplace
61. Don’t wait for December 25 to spread the spirit of love – spread it now
62. Don’t wait for New Year’s Eve to make a great resolution, start now
63. Learn how to swim to embrace nature
64. Try snorkeling and feed a school of fish to interact with living creatures of nature
65. Save the little amounts of money you don’t need to spend
66. Concentrate on becoming a good employee rather than wasting time blaming your boss how bad he is as an employer
67. Organize the files and folders in your computer, iPad, or cell phones. Delete the unnecessary
68. Browse your old and almost forgotten pictures in your album and reminisce good times and moments
69. Stop believing omens and superstitious, do you want to create faith on evil and dark forces?
70. Claim your share of rewards and be inspired
71. Claim your share of blame and learn a lesson
72. Learn music which is commonly called the universal language
73. Do an accounting of your assets (financial, physical and personal)
74. If you have money now, pay your debt
75. If you don’t have, work overtime or sell your extra stuff to earn extra income to settle your debt
76. Don’t procrastinate. Accomplish the uninteresting task you have accepted yesterday to do now. Next time, don’t ever accept such uninteresting task again!
77. Minimize being showy of your powers and strengths, have a little mystery
78. But when it comes to love, never hide it – it must be presented and be multiplied
79. Don’t hide your problems and mistakes as well. Don’t cover stinky items, for they get worst if not exposed
80. Rejoice in the truth, as well as in the light
81. Delegate things that you can delegate. Trust the persons whom you have delegated
82. Stop overreacting on stressors. The more you react, the more you will get stressed
83. Be proactive rather than reactive
84. Know your local laws and ordinances. Then follow them. Fasten your seatbelt and wear your helmet
85. Stop putting your hope of wealth on lottery. In 6/49 lotto there is a 99.9999928% chance that you will lose. Got it?
86. Grow gradually like a tree. Don’t be hasty and be like a grass which lives shortly
87. Optimize your life by throwing away your extra emotional baggage. Forget and forgive
88. Keep on experimenting until you achieve the right formula for your success
89. Whenever you achieve more strength and resistance, try to increase your force and degree of difficulty. This applies to both physical and personal aspects
90. Stop worrying, rather focus in forming precision
91. Accept your limitation and guard your position
92. Practice timing. Do not be too early or too late. Put this on your pulse and make a habit
93. Preach the truth and practice what you preach
94. Melt down your anger before the sun goes down
95. Break your difficult jobs into pieces and assign them to particular time. Make a strategic program or schedule
96. Take care of your money, but don’t love it
97. Learn how to love yourself and how to keep it away from physical, emotional and spiritual abuse.
98. Perform well
99. Have great results
100. Regenerate
101. Then do them well again

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