12 Signs that Your Partner Really Loves You

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What are the signs that your partner, husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend really loves you? Love and relationship matter all the time. Whether you currently have a partner or are just starting to find the man or the woman of your life, the knowledge to determine if he or she will truly love you is important for your personal happiness and contentment. It is also vital in building a lasting relationship and forming the blissful family you may have been dreaming of.

In this article, we will go over twelve signs that will provide you with hints as to whether your partner really loves you. Before we do, however, we would like to recommend an e-book entitled 1000 Questions For Couples by relationship expert Michael Webb. This book is an absolute must read for anyone sincerely committed to really knowing and understanding their partner and goes into a lot more depth than we are able to in this article. Here’s the download link:

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Now, let us discuss twelve signs that show whether your partner really loves you…

1. Strength. A person who truly loves someone put all his might to the one he loves. If you notice that your guy or girl suddenly feels weak (or colloquially feels like dying) when you have done something to hurt him or her, then it’s an indication that your partner loves you and has placed all his power on you.

2. Joy. A man who falls in love transfers his happiness to the happiness of another. In other words, your true happiness is his priority, even if it means sacrificing his own happiness. So if your partner got a $1,000 bonus and spend it by buying you a nice necklace you’ve been wanting instead of acquiring the gadget he wanted to have this month, then your partner is really falling in love with you.

3. Enthusiasm. Let’s admit it! When we love someone, we are very interested in them. If your guy historically hates to watch romantic and crying movies, but enjoys when he watch one of those kind of movies with you at the theater, then it’s a sign that you can turn his mode and interest – he loves you.

4. Realized dream. Dreaming someone doesn’t absolutely means loving someone. But if you consider a person as your dream came true, then it’s a different story. If your partner is a sleeper and a dreamer, but can hardly close his own eyes to sleep when your beside him, and when he enjoys staring at you while you are sleep, then it could be a sign that he don’t need to dream anymore – because his dream (you) has already come into reality. He is happy, contented and really loves you.

5. Fear. When we love somebody, we serve him. Likewise, when we serve somebody, we fear him. What does this means? This means that you can identify a person if he indeed loves you if he is afraid to do anything that will destroy your relationship with him. If someone really loves you, he has fear that creates his care for you.

6. Transformation. This means exiting from the bad world and saying hello to the realm of love and kindness. True love brings and binds all the good virtues of a person, such as humility, patience, honesty, gentleness, peacefulness and self-control. If you observe that your sweetheart starts quitting smoking, begins cleaning his messy room and losing interest in going to nightclubs and wild parties, then it could be an excellent symptom that your dear has a real love for you.

7. Future. Does he or she keeps on talking about his or her plans for the two of you, including your future children? Does your honey really discussing real and attainable plans? Is he already executing the initial steps and procedures to realize those plans? If your answers to those questions are affirmative, then you are blessed to have him.

8. Sight. People can feel affection at first sight. But does it mean we should only have love at first sight? If your partner is always looking at you like it was always love at first sight for him, then you are not just the apple of his eyes, but also the love of his heart.

9. Time. Time is gold because it is so precious that when lost, it never be found again. That is why you can recognize someone who is really in love when he can give you his precious time. If your boyfriend or girlfriend is always telling you on the phone that he or she always misses you but never cares to visit you, then it could be a red flag for words without means. But if he can cancel his hectic schedules just to see you, then you are a more precious gem to him – more valuable than gold.

10. Mystery. It’s your birthday, so he has given you a presence. Then it’s your third year anniversary, so he bought you a diamond ring, a bunch of red roses, and brought you in the most quixotic restaurant in town for a romantic dinner. That’s good that he has a great memory to remember your special dates in the calendar. Alas, this is not a definite sign that he truly loves you, especially when he becomes bitter on the ordinary days. Have you experienced moments when your husband gives you your most favorite chocolates, some fresh flowers, embrace you and tell you sweetly that he loves you? And you wonder why he did that since it is neither your birthday nor it is Valentine’s Day? Well, it maybe a mystery but it is the mystery of love. People who truthfully love someone automatically do the feat of love anywhere and in anytime.

11. Compromise. Pride, selfishness and greed are all indications of the absence of love. But sometimes we are contaminated by these tough forces of evil. Here, true love is shown when we can compromise these things and instead turn to the rebuke of humility, selflessness and kindness. If your wife admits her mistake and shallow her pride to preserve your relationship in harmony and in peace, then you are fortunate to have her as a loving wife. Remember that pride is different from honor, for the first may defend what is wrong and the latter only defends what is right.

12. Mixture. Finally, you can tell that your partner really loves you if he loves to be part of your family. If he is excited to meet your parents, friends and even your old classmates; and if he is also keen to introduce you to his parents and buddies, then it is a great sign that your partner is seriously in love with you.

Now, does your partner have any or all of the signs above? If yes, then that’s great! But why not also assess yourself if you are also a partner who really loves him or her? Don’t forget that you can always improve yourself from a good lover to a great lover.

Thanks for reading this article and we hope it helps you and your partner love each other more and build a stronger and more fulfilling relationship. This is just the start, however, which is precisely why we recommend that you download Michael Webb’s 1000 Questions For Couples to gain more insight into truly knowing your partner better. Here’s the link once again:

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  1. Personally I’ve found that when people work out together and essentially coach each other, they tend to have very strong relationships. There is quite a bit of trust involved when heavy objects are within inches of your head :) I’ve found that my partner truly shares my interests where I can communicate with her like a best friend, I’ve already overcome most of the potential sticking points.

    Very good post!

  2. Very interesting and valuable post! I do feel it is very essential for all of us to know whether our partners really love us or not. It is no point wasting your time and affection for someone who does not love you and your feelings. The 12 hints suggested by you are really valuable.

  3. Aliya

    Yes,its awsm…. guy has been showing all these signs…so happy 2 know dat he truly luves me…vry useful post!!!!

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