How to Achieve Your New Year’s Resolution: Part 2 (Power)

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Previously, we have discussed how peace will help you achieve your New Year’s Resolution. This time, we will talk about the importance of having and using your power to attain what you wish for this hopeful year. Power can be physical, personal or spiritual. In Physics, it is the rate at which work is performed or energy is converted. In humans, it is the rate of work we mentally, emotionally and personally perform. In spiritual sense, power is the rate of work performed by your spiritual things, such as love, kindness and humility. Power is a very significant factor in reaching our expectations because it prevents us from making our assets and resources futile. Furthermore, power is the one that keeps us moving and going towards our every targeted destination. Now that you already have an idea what power is, let’s start realizing our great desires for this brand new year. … Discover more…

How to Achieve Your New Year’s Resolution: Part 1 (Peace)

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So you’ve already got a list of your New Year’s Resolutions? It’s great that you have come to read this article. It only means that you are more passionate this time to learn how to really accomplish your good pledge to yourself and to others for this fresh and promising year. So how can you really achieve your New Year’s Resolution? There are two great things that we can use to really help us in keeping our promises and attaining our goals for the New Year. These great things are “peace and power”. In this episode, I will be discussing how the virtue of peacefulness becomes an important key to hold on to your vow and reach your certain targets for the next 12 months, and even for the rest of your life. … Discover more…

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Why do we always put the blame on others?
Why blame other people and other things?
What’s your evidence that they deserve the blame?
Let us consider the following. … Discover more…

How to Trust Someone Truly

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How to trust someone? How to have confidence with a person? Is trusting an easy job or it is just an impossible task in this world full of lies and deceit? Love is always trusting. So if we really love somebody, we need to trust him. But oh! Here is the reality: it’s really hard to trust realistically. Admit it! You cannot just trust a guy or a girl even though you have known him or her for a long time. Can we just utter the words “I trust in you” then magically say to ourselves we are already trusting? Substantially, it’s not how to trust a person. … Discover more…