5 Secret Reasons Why Relationships Fail

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What are the reasons why relationships fail? When a relationship ends, we always question ourselves why? What’s wrong? Why it did not worked out? Of course it hurts a lot, and many people even find themselves crying and even become half dead. If you are still in relationship at this moment, you are lucky enough to hold on to that treasure. Relationship is a jewel we should know how to take care, fight and defend for. Whether you have not been in a relationship, been enjoying it now, or just become a broken hearted person from a recent breakup – the following untold reasons why love bonds fail should give you some important lessons.But before we share these with you, we would like to recommend a highly acclaimed and eye opening e-book that could very well save your relationship even if your situation may seem hopeless at the moment. The author has helped 50,119 people in 77 countries and we are confident that this book could very well turn your life around. It is called the The Magic of Making Up. Here’s the link:

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Let us now discuss the five secret reasons behind why relationships between couples fail:

1. They fight the wrong enemy
Fighting can be bad or good. Of course if you fight goodness you are bad, and if you fight badness then you are good. Relationship breaks because people mostly fought the wrong opponents. When couple fights they become defensive to each other. They treat each one as their enemy, defying and dominating each other. What they don’t know is that the true enemies and the things that should be defeated are not their own partners – they are the “problems”. What are these common problems that should be battled to save a relationship?

There are too many of them. Some of them, you are not even aware they are already secretly destroying your relationship. They include human attitudes such as selfishness, wrath, unfaithfulness, foolishness, impatience, evil, greed and other negative behaviors that ruin a good relationship. These are your true enemies to wrestle and not your partner. What you can do is to unite with your better half, your true ally, and join forces with him or her to overcome all of these secret foes.

2. They don’t love their own
It is common to hear someone saying “I love you” and conclude that he or she is in love. But the truth is no one can really love without the “I”. What does this mean? This means a person cannot really love if he can’t even love himself. A relationship to last should have an exchange of real love – a love that is proven by manifesting the good fruits brought by love upon their selves. Alas, most people fail to that. We must understand that a person, whose love is true, has putted on good things upon himself. These consist of self-discipline, gentleness, kindness and other good virtues that are brought upon to a person when he or she starts to love truly. Remember that a healthy relationship is composed of two healthy individuals. If only one of them will become healthy – it can’t be called a healthy and lively relationship.

3. They are noisy
A relationship that is noisy signifies that the listening process has faded away. When two people are simultaneously talking, who will listen? When two people are simultaneously silent, what should they listen? Sound can create noise to our ears, likewise too much silence can also create noise to our peaceful mind. They both can devastate a relationship. Hence, couple should have an ordered discussion where one talks and the other one listens, and vice versa. They should also avoid silence that makes any problem become worse. This should be mixed with honesty, calmness and self-control.

4. They don’t switch the light on
Misunderstanding, this is one of the top reasons why relationship fails. The regretting part of this is that relationships are being wrecked which in fact they should not be ended in the first place. This happens when darkness and confusion invade the two lovers. Why this becomes a secret reason? It is because couples don’t see it happening due to their blindness. Without a calm, honest and humble communication, relationship can be torn apart. Pride, hatred, selfishness and deceit can make anyone blind and can bring someone to misunderstanding. To assure that a relationship will go on to its journey to happiness and contentment; lovers should become a light that will guide each other.

5. They quit
One common logic why relationship fails is that partners quit. What is uncommon to this is that couples don’t usually understand that trials and hardships are common to a relationship. Thus, when they face troubles and difficulties, they usually give up. The one secret to a relationship’s success is being tough enough to overcome all the adversaries faced in being in a relationship. When you have a strong and powerful love to offer, you will not easily let any relationship to fail.

We hope that the secrets we shared with you in this article help you build a stronger, healthier relationship with your loved one. If you truly love your partner, heed our advice and take action today. Even if it looks like you are about to break up or get divorced, there is hope. Here’s the link once again to the e-book we mentioned earlier which could truly save your marriage or relationship:

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