5 Secret Weapons and Powers of a Baby

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Babies, especially the newborn ones, appear to be so delicate and weak. However, this is what you conceive if you are not spiritual. The truth is, these tiny people have hidden spiritual powers. They have these special weapons in order to survive in this world just like the old ones. That is why we should not wonder why these little beings who are so delicate and fragile make is to grow old as we are now. By reading through this article, we will discover those powers that are innate to them – those weapons that we previously have when we were still little infants.

1. Charm
Babies are undeniably charming. The power of their charm gives us joy and pleasantness. It works like a magnet that captures everyone’s eyes and hearts. You can hardly resist their charm. This is one power that they use to attract attention – and they do it effortlessly.

2. Peacefulness
Humans battle for war country by country, but babies stays in peace. Who want to fight a baby? Who wants to fight someone who doesn’t fight? Of course no one, for what profit it will bring to fight someone who doesn’t engage into battle? The most powerful warriors are the ones who win the war for peace without fighting. This is the natural expertise of the babies – to live peacefully without hurting anyone so that no one will avenge on them.

3. Humility
Overcoming pride, this is one of the hardest things we usually can’t do. Pride makes people lives difficult and miserable. But for babies, humility is a no-brainer task. They practice it without difficulties. Babies can cry and get what they want – milk, embrace, attention, and anything else. They make their lives straightforward – that’s how simple it is.

4. Gentleness
Babies are physically delicate and weak. But this delicateness is actually one of their most powerful weapons. Who among the sane people can afford to punch or kick a baby? Of course no one, unless they are crazy. Babies avoid physical assault through their physical vulnerability. They defend their selves from physical attackers, by being gentle and not causing any hurting to anyone in the first place.

5. Innocence
We, the adult ones, suffer from financial worries, work stress and other problems. These make us sick. But for babies, whose brain and heart are pure and fresh, those kinds of earthly problems are out of their coverage. They are more concerned with the care, touch and love of the people around them. Just try to let them choose between a million dollar bucks and a single embrace – they will likely choose the latter. They are not contaminated with greed and other tormenting attitudes of a wicked person.

Lessons for the adult ones
We were all born with pure spirits – spiritually strong and powerful. But as we grow old, material things started to corrupt our souls. As we age in this world, we begun to forget those powers we have once held when we were still innocent babies. Now, if you have lost them, it’s time to regain them back. We don’t need to go back to the wombs of our mother to be born again physically. We just need to reflect and listen to ourselves within. We need to rediscover them and restore them. As we have used them in the past to have a comfortable life while we are still physically small, we can still use them now to live a better life even we have grown. We can still use the great powers of peacefulness, humility and gentleness. We can still be charming by having joy in our hearts. Moreover, because we are not child anymore – we can revolutionize innocence into wisdom to become more powerful beings. If babies can easily practice peacefulness, humility, gentleness and charm, why can’t we? We also grow not to transform innocence into ignorance; we grow up to transform innocence into wisdom and understanding.

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