5 Secrets to Driving More Traffic to Your Blog

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How to drive more traffic to your blog? Since this blog is new as of today, I need to do everything I can to attract more and more visitors that will read and find this blog useful. But though this blog is relatively an infant, I’ve already been in the blogging business for years, bringing my previous blogs into success. Now, if you are a new blogger who desire to pull lots of traffic to your own blog, then join me in discussing how to drive tons of traffic to our new blogs – for free! The following are my five secrets to driving more traffic to our blogs:

1. Don’t just make a comment, enrich the topic
Since the existence of the blogosphere, commenting has already been one of the best ways to drive traffic to websites and blogs. It gives you link juices through back links. Relevant back links increase our blogs’ ranking and popularity. The higher the rank we have, the more we appear on the top of the Google search result pages – this means organic traffic. However, commenting is not just a process of putting your nickname, spam email, and URL in the comment box. Comments that are irrelevant and look like spams are usually deleted by conservative bloggers. Furthermore, comments that are boring are not regarded by the blog author and other commentators. To attract more traffic to your blog, you need to make a comment that is not coming from a spammer and comment that can enhance the discussion. If you do that, authors will surely approve your comment. And beyond that, other commentators, readers and visitors of that page will be curious to who you are and will interestingly click your homepage link in that comment.

2. Don’t just add friends, add best friends
Social media are hot in the past few years and getting hotter even today. That is why most bloggers are trying their best to utilize the top social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and other popular social media site today) to pull extra traffic to their blogs. But social networking is not just another type of functional method in internet marketing. Rather, it is a more relational way in getting followers to your website or blog. Most online marketers fail to optimize these social media sites because they usually go there only to add friends or followers that will contribute to the increase of their blogs’ traffic. They forget to actually socialize. To attract real followers to your blog, you need to become a real human, who add friends to have real friendship. In other words, you don’t just make a Facebook fan page and let it be found by people who will click the like button. Instead, you should communicate, listen and answer to them. You also don’t just tweet all of your links like a robot in Twitter, instead you should tweet like a real person telling what’s really happening on you now.

3. Don’t just design a template, design comfort
Like every business that must have a nice office, a blog must also have a nice design or template. But if we will observe the designs and templates used by most of the successful blogs on the Internet, it’s not really how sophisticated or hardly designed their templates are that give them blogging success. It is the comfort and friendliness that make you want to stay always on their blogs. So when it comes to design, a simple comfortable and friendly design is preferable against an extravagant yet head-aching design. Of course, you should also consider your niche. If you are in business, a corporate design is great. If you are in graphics, expect visitors to look for an interesting design in your blog.

4. Don’t just make a content, make a solution
Content is still king when it comes to a blog’s success. Search engine optimization (SEO) and social media optimization (SMO) are maybe the knights of your shining armor, but it is still your great content that will lead you to succeed in blogging. You can invite more visitors in your blog doing every online promotion you can. But without articles, images, videos, stories or other contents that really help your visitors – they will only come once but will not come back. To get tons of constant traffic to your blog, you need to obtain returning traffic. You can do that by providing them with contents that serve as answers and solutions to their questions and problems. When you got quality in your blog, your users, who will be satisfied with your contents, will become the ones who will do the promotions for you – that is word of mouth (offline) or word of mouse (online).

5. Don’t just make a blog, make a home
This is the conclusion of all this blogging success matter. Don’t just create a blog and hope to attract visitors. Instead, build a home and strive your best to share communication, relationship, comfort and solution. Invite and welcome them to come inside your blog. Offer them a home where they can always come back whenever they need some warm and shelter. Finally, give them a hand to hold on, ears to listen, mouth to smile, heart to comfort, mind to solve their problems and spirit to enlighten them.

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  1. Nice post. I alto think bloggers should make the right first impression if they want to drive more traffic. Choosing a nice template and being smart with ad positions (and making ads blend in with your blog) will get people to come back to your site. Having a blog that looks nice will also decrease your bounce rates because people will look around your site more.

    • SecretContents

      Thanks techie for enriching the article with your additional information.

  2. Great ideas to share. Content is still the most important factor in attracting reader traffic. If I like certain blogs like yours because of the contents – interesting articles I enjoy reading and can learn from, I will bookmark and revisit.

    Doing guest columns for popular blogs is a sure way to drive more traffic to your blog, in addition to making comments.

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