5 Things You Must Know About Dead People


What happens when we die? Do dead people watch us, talk to us, and think about us? Does a violent ghost of a person who dies comes back to avenge, scare and harm us? All Soul’s Day is near approaching that’s why these topics about the dead ones are boiling up again. The following are five things you must know about the people who have already passed away.

1. They don’t immediately go to heaven or hell. When people die, they don’t instantly go to heaven nor be fallen into hell. A Judgment Day will come when all the dead people will be resurrected and be judged whether they go to the kingdom of God or be punished for eternity in hell.

2. Their spirit returns to God. The flesh of a dead person decays and his spirit returns to God who gives it. This means that the soul (the composition of the body and the spirit) of a dead person doesn’t live and work anymore on the very first day he dies.

3. They are asleep. Deceased people are sleeping souls who rest in peace. They hear nothing, remember nothing and think nothing. Just like a sleeping person, they can’t plan, walk and work. They can’t do something to scare you (unless you scare yourself out of your own actions and imaginations). The truth is… they don’t wander anywhere on Earth even on the early days after their death. Again, their spirits immediately return to God (who gives them) on the very first day that they die.

4. They will be resurrected. As stated in the first thing on this list, deceased people will be resurrected when the Lord returns to Earth. Their flesh will be restored and their spirits will be returned. Consequently, their souls will be alive again to face the judgments according to their works.

5. They are often impersonated by demon spirits. The devil and his followers (demon spirits), in their attempts to deceive the world, often impersonate the persons who have passed away to scare people. They aim to corrupt the human race and make them believe on false knowledge, which are conflicting to the words of God.

I am not a psychic, spiritist nor a medium – I am a spiritual person who communicates with God and speaks to real people, who are living souls consisting of living flesh and spirit which God has given them.  I respect the dead people, who are sleeping and resting in peace. Finally, I want to encourage everyone who’s still alive to have an optimal life while he or she is living.

Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might, for in the grave, where you are going, there is neither working nor planning nor knowledge nor wisdom. – Ecclesiastes 9:10 (NIV)

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  1. my deceased boyfriend has died on my couch while we were watching tv and he i no for shore that he came back i took it really hard and i prayed every day for god to give me peace and he did as days went by but that man spirt was around in that house i would hear him at night even in the day he would raddle things when im alone jingle my daughter bell on her bike and speak to me in dreams.i got out the shower one night and his hand print was on my bed room window.i move out of that place thinking he would leave be and it seems he followed us to the next place i was never afraid but i never thought he would follow us,recently i woke up at 2am in the moring and my shirt was un button in the front and i was a little scare at first but i button it back tight to make shore and it was loose again no one was with me so i thought that was so strange,i knew it must be my decease friend so i place springle holy water around and got my bible to pray but my thing is why is he around us like that he should be resting,maybe its because every now and then i tell him how much i miss him and i ask god sometimes is he still alive in heaven maybe thats why he left that hand print in the window anyway i wish he would jest rest cause my daughter also exsp things as well shes only 13 years old,she was in the kitchen and felt a pinch on her leg also we saw things that look like a speck of light sometimes that goes by us but we are never afraid.

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