50 Powerful Personal Development Tips to Develop Yourself

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The following are 50 personal development tips for everyone. They are written to offer the power to make change, and not to show eloquence. The list is divided into ten specific categories to give comfort to readers. These tips aim to help people achieve self-growth, real happiness and lasting success. It may require some extra time to finish reading and manufacture these pieces of information into great wisdom and knowledge. Hence, you may bookmark it anytime you want and resume reading it later. But if you cannot wait anymore to attain a more developed YOU, then you may go ahead, read it through, and claim the progress that is waiting for you.

Knowing thyself

1. Practice selflessness. You will begun to notice the true self within you when you start caring and helping others by sacrificing yourself. When you sacrifice yourself, you realize yourself.

2. Declare lowliness. You are so small in this Universe. You must acknowledge your lack of knowledge; you still have many things to know, learn, understand and improve.

3. Don’t just talk to yourself, also listen to it. Don’t just keep on praying, but also keep on reflecting.

4. Be the best and be true. Be true to yourself??? Do not be uncertain and unleash the wrongful you. Find the best in “you” first, and then be true to yourself.

5. Be awakened of the unseen. Face a personality mirror rather than a crystal mirror. Look beyond your flesh – find your soul and spirit.

Wisdom, understanding and insight

6. Seek purity rather than eloquence. Seek the wisdom that is pure and powerful; don’t be fooled by flowery words. Learn how to discern the truth from the wicked. You must be both fundamental and consequential.

7. Don’t overstock raw knowledge. Don’t just use your memory, but also use your analytics. Do not put things into your brain without digesting them. You need to learn the “how’ and realize the “why”. You must have wisdom within your knowledge.

8. Justify your belief. Unjustified belief and principles will only make you look like a fool. You need to have the power to defend and prove your belief. You must search, research and verify your claim. Remember that the truth is undeniable.

9. Practice what you’ve justified. You must not only put the knowledge and wisdom in your brain and heart. You must also put them in your hands which do the execution. Wisdom must go along with understanding, and understating is gained when action is made.

10. Get insights on your understanding. If you gain understanding through actual practice, you must also get insights. Insight is your confidence of what lies ahead. It is obtained when your practice bears consistency and it becomes an integral part of your current and future life.

Attitudes, values and habits

11. Identify and correct your principles. Your principles are the roots of your attitudes, values and habits. Bad habits come from bad values; bad values come from bad attitudes; and bad attitudes come from bad principles. The deeper you improve, the greater you develop.

12. Take time and effort in choosing the best. Stop being lazy, especially when it comes to judging and making decisions. A single mistake can be a huge disaster. Likewise, a first bad move can become a long-reigning bad habit. Therefore, you must do you best to choose the best.

13. Value your best. So you have chosen the best among the rest? Now you must value that choice and make it something very important in your life. Remember that the more we value things, the more we achieve them. We are willing to do everything for a very important thing, right?

14. Stand and fight for your values. If being kind, loving, honest, gentle, wise and abundant are very important to you, then you must stand and fight for these values. You must defend them and defeat their adversaries.

15. Live for what you’re fighting for. Habits are the hardest to break. The secret to break it is to keep on breaking it. If you want to break procrastination, you must choose active actions. You must value that choice, stand for it, fight for it, win it and live for it.

Planning, goal setting and success

16. Make your dream a desire. If you want to make your dreams come true, make them your desires. Dreams are only in the mind, but a desire is found in your heart which leads to actions.

17. Acquire precision. If you believe in the word “luck”, you should also believe in the word “luckiest”. The luckiest persons are those that acquire the most precise calculations.

18. Stick to your plan. When you plan, you must also have a plan on how to assure that you will stick on it. You will usually face many distractions. Take note that the toughest distractions that you will encounter along… are the ones which are positive and engaging. Most of them are goal breaker, so beware!

19. Don’t quit. Quitting is the top reason why many people fail. On the other hand, not quitting is the top reason why great people succeed.

20. Direct yourself to completion, up to reproduction. The seven secret steps to real success are direction, destination, action, reaction, acceleration, completion and reproduction. Success only becomes real when you share it.

Health, wellness and happiness

21. Do not overreact. Stress is our reaction to stressors. Hence, if you want to reduce stress, don’t overreact. Remember that the fastest solution to tension is to slow down.

22. Befriend your body. Your brain is connected to all parts of your body. When your stomach is hungry or overloaded, when your hands are tired or bored, when your throat is thirsty, and when your eyes feel sleepy, they send messages to your brain. Be kind and fair to them so that they may always serve you better. Don’t ignore their messages if you don’t want them to ignore you in the future.

23. Conquer your flesh. Have self-control and avoid to be controlled by your own body. Overcome abusive desires of your flesh, such as greed, gluttony, lust and drunkenness. You know how those vices will destroy your health. Fasting can be great, so try it.

24. Optimize your power to regenerate. Exercise not only to look good, but also to gain strength and stamina. Work out not only to be confident, but also to learn patience. Strength, endurance and patience, these three form your power to regenerate and stand against all physical, mental and emotional diseases.

25. Acquire happiness through thankfulness. True happiness is achieved when you are filled with thankfulness. Be thankful that you are living, hoping and loving.

Talents, power and strengths

26. Have the best self-defense. Do you know what is the best self-defense that you could ever have? It is a defense that can defeat your greatest and toughest opponent – your “worst you”. Any martial arts cannot defeat the “worst you”. There is only one thing that can defeat it, and it’s the “best in you”.

27. Have a great coach. Every champion has a great coach. So if you want to win and become a champ, then you already know what I mean.

28. Position yourself, instead of pushing your limit. You should neither lack nor exceed. You should always obey your exact limitations and keep yourself in the right position. Lions are helpless in the ocean, while sharks are weak in the land. If planets and stars know how to position their selves to acquire power and survival, then why can’t we?

29. Harmonize yourself. Bind all your powers and strengths (physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual) in unity and in harmony. To do that, you must possess a power leader – the power of true love.

30. Point your arrow to perfection. Forget about the saying “nobody is perfect”. It’s been a common alibi of people who don’t want to maximize their power to avoid mistakes. If you aren’t perfect now, at least, put your focus and direction to perfection. Be upright!

Society and leadership

31. Be gentle yet strict. Be gentle in rebuking, yet be strong and strict in upholding rules. A great leader uses a sword to show power and conquer his enemies, but he also uses a sheath to protect his own people from the sharp edges of his sword.

32. Walk in integrity. The secret to having security is having integrity. Hence, you must do your best to protect and preserve your integrity by all means.

33. Be a humble servant. Though it’s difficult, be great! The secret to greatness is these two H’s: helping and humility.

34. Be proactive rather than reactive. Don’t be a mere reactor of happening events and opportunities, but instead, be a creator of your own events and opportunities.

35. Think faster than your mouth says. If you can proofread your writings, also proofread in your mind the words that will come out from your mouth. Be prudent and think twice before you say a single word.

Love and spiritual development

36. Love yourself truly. Love your neighbors as you love yourself. To do that, you must know how to love yourself first. Loving yourself is assuring that it is physically, emotionally, mentally and spirituality healthy.

37. Work your faith through love. Don’t keep a dead or useless faith. Make your faith alive though works, and make that living faith effective through love.

38. Start to live your eternal life now. Don’t wait to die, and hope to earn eternal life after your death. We can already start to live eternally now by keeping God’s commandments and departing the works of evil, which cause spiritual death.

39. Study physics. If you cannot understand the earthly things, how much more can you understand the heavenly things? Learn the lessons of physics and materiality so that you can learn beyond them afterwards – learn metaphysics.

40. Be free and be a slave. If absolute freedom exists, then the Universe will be in great chaos. Be a slave and servant of righteousness, for it is definitely reliable and dependable. Don’t be a slave of evil, for it is deceiving. Furthermore, don’t be a slave of nothing, for it is darkness, and darkness is a friend of evil.

Personal Finance development

41. Be honest. Make honesty your best credit policy. Owe only what you are honestly capable to pay. Likewise, spend only what you can honestly afford.

42. Be a disciple of discipline. You should focus on self-controlling and be an active follower of discipline. If you want to save money, you must concentrate all your energy and strength in controlling yourself to earn more, spend less and save money.

43. Honor the government. Whether officials are corrupt or not, the government still makes good laws. Abide the law; pay your taxes and licenses faithfully and on time to avoid future financial obligations to the government.

44. Educate yourself. Increase your brain’s market value by learning more. You can grow your knowledge either by formal or non-formal education. Remember that the more you know, the more you have the chance to earn.

45. Be fruitful. Be productive and make sure that all your assets (tangibles and intangibles) are optimally performing to generate optimal income. In other words, don’t be a sluggard!

Professional and career development

46. Learn to experiment. Make reasonable experiments to confirm effective and efficient ideas, and then apply these ideas to achieve effectiveness and efficiency.

47. Be a light. Be a provider of answers and solutions, not a provider of another questions and problems. Earn respect from others by becoming a solution and a light to everyone. Remember that a light is always placed above people to help it provide more light to them.

48. Grow like a tree. Don’t be hasty. Develop your career like a tree. It grows gradually, but it stands durably and rises lastingly. Don’t sprout like a grass, which grows rapidly, but also dies quickly.

49. Build a brand. Make yourself standout from the crowd. You must market yourself and build a strong brand. Branding is offering the best quality that creates the trust and confidence of your users. One of best brand promoters you can have is your proven track record. So keep your record at its best.

50. Be relevant. Supply what is on demand. You should also innovate and revolutionize in this fast changing world. Thus, you need to adopt new technologies, overcome new challenges and assure that you are providing the output that is useful and relevant to people.

Final thoughts
Personal development involves not only self-development, which includes self-improvement or self-help, but it also involves developing others. Thus, developing yourself doesn’t only consists of your own personal development, which includes your economical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual growth, but it also includes your plans, goals, actions and consistency in helping others realize their personal progress. I hope you’ve gained some significant wisdom that moves yourself to actual personal development. Which of the tips among the list has caught your personal attention? Feel free to make comments and share your insights. Finally, if you think this post is good, please spread the good news by sharing it to the social site buttons found below. Thank you and enjoy your personal growth.

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  1. For me the most important aspect of personal development is the development of self-esteem… It’s one of, if not the most important aspect of Success. If your self-esteem is high then you will feel like you can not only cope with the challenges of life, but actually thrive in those challenges and new situations.

    • That’s true Nick. Self-esteem is one very important aspect of our personal development. It is our positive belief in ourselves. But in order for it to become powerful, we must test that belief and prove it with occurring actions, worthiness, respect, integrity and productivity. We shall unite and harmonize all our aspects to become on powerful “personality”. Thank you for visiting and sharing your wonderful comment that enriches our discussion.

  2. Vic,
    They are all helpful tips. #9 Practice what you’ve justified really speaks to me more, because that’s what I need to do more and better. I think I don’t lack in know-how, but in do-now.
    Thanks for sharing your wisdom.

  3. Learning from our own mistakes are good enough to develop ourself. Excellent post. :)


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