7 Secrets to Real Happiness

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What is your secret to true happiness? What are those things that make you feel really happy when you have them? Smiles and laughter may signify that a person is happy. However, it cannot justify true happiness, since a tear can also be an evidence of joy. Everyone suffers sadness, let’s admit it. Even the richest, most famous, most professionally successful and most beautiful people in the world cannot escape sorrow. On the other hand, even the poorest and most unfortunate people on Earth can still smile and cry a tear of joy. It seems that there are secrets to real happiness. But yes, there are indeed untold stories about being truly happy. The following are my seven secrets to real happiness:

1. Riches with honor
Money and riches are not bad. They can make you happy when you have them. But they can only make you really happy when there is honor with them. Riches and honor must always go together. Money earned without honor and integrity cannot make anyone happy for a long time. So when you work for riches, do it with honor, integrity, honesty and sincerity. By doing that, happy money is what will land in your palm instead of bad money that will give you troubles even when you sleep at night.

2. Thankfulness
Is there a thankful person who isn’t happy? Tell me who. Thankfulness gives joy to anyone. The only problem is that it’s usually hard for anyone to be thankful, especially when it means becoming thankful to a person they don’t personally like. But there is one person, whom we should always be thankful of. He is God, our creator. So don’t just think about the Insurance companies’ claim about typhoon, earthquake, volcanic eruption, and tornadoes, as the acts of God. You need to realize that your blessings, your kids, your food, your health, and your breath of life are also acts of God. Be thankful to that. Besides, He knows what is best not only in you, but also in this whole Universe. So you don’t need to blame Him prematurely on those natural calamities. Be thankful and be joyful.

3. Understanding
Happiness is felt. But wouldn’t it be happier if we understand the happiness that we fell. Real happiness comes when you have the knowledge, wisdom and understanding of everything that happens in your life. Without understanding, we cannot assure what we feel. That’s why even though you feel happiness inside you, that doesn’t mean true happiness or joy that lasts unless you understand it. People who feel God and understand Him are a lot happier than people who just feel Him but don’t understand Him.

4. Living by spirit
Death makes almost everyone sad and afraid of. That’s for unspiritual and material people. But if you will become spiritual and understand not only the earthly things but also heavenly things, you will discern what will happen to you life eternally. By knowing eternal truths, you can have not only lifetime solution, but also an eternal solution. Now, that’s what we call eternal happiness. So don’t be stuck in life focused on money, physical beauty, luxurious cars and big mansions. Time will make them perished. Rather, concentrate on heavenly things, such as love, kindness, humility and righteousness – for these things remain forever.

5. Loving yourself to love other
Love is such a beautiful thing.  But that is if it’s true love. Love is a wonderful thing. But you should not just wonder, rather learn and understand it. Love can make you happy. But only if you know how to love, and can practice that love. Many people say they love someone, but most of them are still unhappy. The reason is that they don’t know how to really love. To love someone is to love yourself. How can you love someone if you can’t even love yourself? If you say you love your wife, but don’t take care of yourself – you don’t justify your love. If you tell her you love her but you don’t keep yourself away from hatred, lies, vices, immoralities and other things that continuously destroy you – you can’t be happy in love. To attain real happiness in love, love yourself so that you can properly love others.

6. Faithfulness
Why I include faithfulness? It starts when I asked myself if God can become sad. God can be angry and His Spirit can be putted in grief. Not only humans become sad, even God can become sad too. With all the billions of people that are living in this word today and with most of them constantly sinning, God can really become sad. But how does God overcome such sorrow? How does He obtain happiness despite of our sins? The answer is His faithfulness. He remains faithful to us despite of our continuous acts of sinning. If God becomes happy being faithful to weak humans, how much more can we become happy being faithful to God, who is all powerful and righteous?

7. Action
Last and not the least, the one thing that can give us real joy is action or wok. Remember when God is faithful to us. He completes His faithfulness through actions. He is not just the type of person that only believes and shows His faith to us. He justifies His faithfulness through actions. God is a working God, from the beginning till the end. This is one thing that makes Him real happy – when He sees that His work is good. Now for us humans, we can also become truly happy by continuing to do good deeds. Faith is dead without works. So is happiness without work is not alive.

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  1. You have many good points. My top likes were thankfulness and action. So often we forget to be thankful for all that we have – even when it doesn’t seem like much. But then how can we expect more if we overlook what we’ve been given. The last step- action- ties it all together. Without that, why really try? Great article. Thanks.

    • Hi Steven,
      Thanks a lot for visiting here. I just visited your site “rock solid joy”. I like it and I do love a pure solid joy. I support you in finding true happiness in life, and sharing it to others.


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