7 Secrets to Real Success

Running to reach the finish line

What’s the secret to every success? Whatever it is: career, education, love life, romance, relationship, health, business, finance, leadership, spirituality or just any personal success – these are my seven secrets to real success:

1. Direction
In any journey we take, we should always have the right direction. To have direction, we need to have the knowledge and wisdom to always choose the right path, judgments and decisions.

2. Destination
A track without a finish line to reach cannot contribute to your success. Hence, to be successful, we need to get insight of what lies ahead.

3. Action
Needless to explain further, direction and destination are worthless without action.

4. Reaction
Along our journey on the right direction we follow, on the right destination we attempt to reach, and on the right actions we hardly try to execute… we will inevitably commit imperfections or mistakes. But these are only trials, and we should react positively on them. This is what we called learning.

5. Acceleration
On the experiences we learn and on the learning we realize, we must utilize them to make ourselves better than ever. That’s how we become stronger, tougher and faster.

6. Completion
Direction will be put in vain, destination will not be reached, actions will fade, reaction will be forgotten, acceleration will dry out, and you will try to quit. This is what will happen when you don’t love what you do – it fails. But if you put so much value on your goal, you never quit until you accomplished success. So put on love and great importance to your quest.

7. Reproduction
When you achieve success, it’s not yet real success… unless you share it to others.

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