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The best personal development blog in the Philippines? Huh! I know that many motivational, personal development, professional enhancement, corporate productivity, self improvement and self-help bloggers across this country will surely react on this. But the title of this article is not meant to self-proclaim myself or my blog to be the one represented by that title. It is one of my means to motivate myself through that direction.

An infant blog
Tomorrow, my blog will just turn 3-month old. Yes, it’s so new to claim that title. Furthermore, this weblog has just published 133 posts, including this article. That’s still far enough to my target of a 1,000 posts. It is also receiving few traffic at an average of 50 unique visits per day. Again, that’s pretty far from my target of 10,000 unique visitors per day. Most of my traffic comes from stumblers who liked some of my long articles. When it comes to income, guess what? This blog earned only $1.2 in the last 30 days from its lone monetization scheme – Adsense. However, this is normal as I have also experienced that discouraging fact in my previous blogs. Despite of all these infancy, I know that this blog can already compete the best personal development blogs out there when it comes to contents. So why don’t you browse our archives and have some taste of reading on the articles or titles that catch your attention.

Most read contents
As of today, the following are the most viewed articles in this blog (according to their popularity). They actually gained some traffic from social networks such as Facebook and Stumbleupon. Most of my relatively new pages are still not climbing to the top of major search engines that is why Googlers are not yet finding them.

Selected infamous articles
The above posts have received popularity because they are submitted to StumbleUpon. I have also written interesting posts in the past which are not submitted to social networks but I am confident that they will give some inspirations, wisdom and enlightenment which will help anyone achieve a better, truer and a more powerful life. They are listed below.

My real goal
The idea of authoring the best personal development blog in this country came into my mind, but it doesn’t mean it is my ultimate goal. Though I will put some significance on that desire, I still aim for a much deeper objective than gaining some fame or recognition for myself. My ultimate objective is to change humans’ lives for their success, true happiness, fulfillment and greatness. I write answers and solutions to people’s questions and problems. I am not an entertainer, I am a transformer. I am not just a blogger, but a teacher. I am not a master, I am just a servant. My real goal is not to have the best personal development blog in the Philippines, nor in the world. My real goal is to help you develop yourself at its best.


I’ve published an update on this post as of January 18, 2011 on this article entitled “Spiritual Development Blog from the Philippines.”

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  1. I think it is very possible for you to make your website the best personal development blogs in the Philippines.

    I also write on personal development, and I intend to make my Starfisher (one of my blogs) to be more on personal development. However, I like to write one based on what I truly believe in.

    I am now working on a Manifesto which highlights the reason why some people are simply unstoppable.

    jef menguin

  2. Hi Jef,

    Thanks for visiting here. I’m so glad to meet fellow Filipino who are passionate leaders, aiming to bring personal development for any kind of people. Frankly, I made that title for SEO purposes :) . Anyway I don’t compete with others, but compete myself.

    You already have a great personal development blog. That means it can also give birth to another great PD blog/blogs. Yes, I agree we must always write things we truly believe in – things we truly see, physically and spiritually.

    BTW, sorry for the removal of the link at the bottom of your comment (It’s a policy thing and to make fair to other commenters – anyway the link is already clickable in your name.

    Also, I have visited your site/blog. I recommend changing your URL permalinks from com/?p=3229 to com/post-title . It will help your site to become more optimized in search engines.


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