Can Freedom Make You Happy?

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Can freedom make you happy? Can it give us true happiness in life? The answer is yes and at the same time no. Joy in freedom depends on the kind of freedom you have. You can be free in two different ways. If you’re free from sins and wickedness, you can become truly happy. But if you’re free from righteousness and kindness, you will be in misery. This is reversible in terms of slavery. If you’re a slave of sins and wickedness, you’ll be in misery. But if you’re a slave of righteousness and kindness, you will be truly happy.

There is no absolute freedom

There is no absolute freedom, as well as absolute slavery. We are always free and at the same time slaves. The difference lies on whom are we serving and whom are we disobeying. You cannot be free of everything, for if you become free of everything, you’ll still become a slave of nothing. Nothingness will just make you worst and miserable. If you will desire absolute freedom, you’ll desire a thing that isn’t existing.

What will make you happy

The freedom that can make you happy is the freedom from sins and wickedness. This is the freedom from hatred, pride, envy, lust and other evilness. This is also the freedom that will give you peace and clean conscience. If you will reverse that, slavery can also make you really happy. This is the slavery from kindness, humility, love, self-control and other great virtues. If you will always obey good things, you’ll be putting yourself in good and joyful state.

What will make you sad

The freedom that can make you sad is the freedom from love, peacefulness, kindness and other righteous things. Just imagine if you will depart from those great things, would you become happy? The other kind of slavery can also make you sad. This is the slavery from sins, hatred, pride, envy and other evil things. If you will become free from everything, fallacy and disorder will also make you gloomy.

Who’s your master?

Your happiness is co-created by yourself and your master. You always have a master. If you’re free from evil and you’re a slave of good, good is your master. If you’re free from good and you’re a slave of evil, evil is your master. If you’re free from both good and evil, then who is your master – you? You’ll be mastering a self that is bluffing. This is because, as long as we exist, we cannot be free from both good and evil.

We need to make a choice

We need to choose the kind of freedom we take. We need to choose the right master that can give us true happiness. We must choose whom to serve. Do you want to serve evil, or do you want to serve good? Or do you want to only serve your selfish self? Isn’t selfishness also an evil? Don’t be deceived.

I choose God to be my master, for He is the humblest greatest servant of all. When I followed Him, I realized that He was following billions of people to teach them love and give them joy.

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  1. Great post!! happiness is freedom from sins and wickedness.
    Big AMEN to that!!

  2. Yes Vic
    We can be either a slave or a master of our own destiny. It can be a bit simplistic, to say you can choose either good or evil, we can go back through history with any of the churches stance on it’s theology and the mass murder it committed in the name of God. I don’t mean to start an arguemnt here, but who’s God is the right one?

  3. Wow, great post pal..truely open up my mind.. Thanks and keep it up!

  4. I just found this site. I noticed you haven’t posted anything since January…are you still out there?

  5. This is interesting, because the picture makes me imagine freedom as freedom to go anywhere, see anything, have any experience. Freedom to go to the moon, to change the makeup of reality, to do anything, to break all the rules that allow us to understand the world we live in.

    Moral freedom is, well, different. Reframing the question in that sense I realise that that kind of freedom (the going to the moon type of freedom) has nothing to do with morality. We can rewrite how we perceive morality and it is really up to us whether we do it to hurt or to help.

    It’s interesting.

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