The 7 Secret Steps to Real Success Video

The concept of the 7 Secret Steps to Real Success video is taken from our previous published article entitled “7 Secrets to Real Success“. We have decided to create a short video to represent it more and publish it to further social sites like Youtube. This quick presentation only lasts for 1 minute and 22 seconds in video clip length. Though it’s short, it can change any person’s view of the way he live up his life. Truly, we need steps to reach every success, whether it is a success in career, romance, family relationship, business, academic or just a one day success .

There are many steps and ladders around us which can normally be used by anyone of us to succeed in life. However, not all of them can bring us success. Moreover, not all success that we achieved is considered real success. That is why we need to learn and discover the untold steps and ways to all achievements. Actually, they are fundamentally known. The only problem is that… people are not usually fundamental. The video presents 7 secrets to real success. It tells us to have the right direction, destination, action, reaction, acceleration, completion and reproduction. All seven should be executed righteously to succeed truly.

Thank you for watching our very short video. I hope it has given you a little piece of enlightenment.

7 Secrets to Real Success

Running to reach the finish line

What’s the secret to every success? Whatever it is: career, education, love life, romance, relationship, health, business, finance, leadership, spirituality or just any personal success – these are my seven secrets to real success: … Discover more…

hand reaching the moon

What’s the secret to success in life? How to fulfill your life? The secret is the cooperation that must exist between you and God. To succeed and fulfill your life, you need “work”. But what most people don’t realize is that God is also working for you and in you. We are God’s fellow workers. Many people only rely on their selves to succeed in life, forgetting God’s existence. While, other people are relying all works fully to God, ignoring that they must also work to help and cooperate with the Almighty One. The secret to success and fulfillment is to know God’s will and plan for you and then collaborate with it. The truth is that He is a working God. He knows what’s the best for you, and He works for its fulfillment. … Discover more…

The Secret to Success

People climbing the ladder to success

What is the secret to success? Many people fail, but only few succeed. This only means that to attain success, you need to become extraordinary – not only ordinary and usual. The roads of the successful man are the ones that are less traveled. His works are the ones which are not usually done by others. His attitudes, values and principles in life are those which are not found in common people.  He is not normal or abnormal – he is paranormal. He is not just physical, but also metaphysical and spiritual. He has creativity, strategy, cooperation, solution and execution. He has wisdom, understanding and insight. … Discover more…