Disciplining Mistakes You Ought Not Make With Your Children

happy child

Discipline is an issue that many parents had trouble with. This really comes down to the parent and the child, and their interactions. There’s little doubt that certain children are more difficult to control than others. Now let’s take a look at discipline, how it affects both the parent and the children, and what mistakes you should avoid if you are disciplining your children on your own. … Discover more…

How to Fall in Love?

Love letters literally

Everyone who believes in love wants to fall in love. Everyone who wants to be truly happy desires to find their true love. Love is just a wonderful feeling. It also teaches virtues that can make someone patient, gentle, honest, unselfish and even strong. If you want to experience the moment of falling in love, the following are fundamental answers on the universal question “how to fall in love”. … Discover more…

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What are the signs that your partner, husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend really loves you? Love and relationship matter all the time. Whether you currently have a partner or are just starting to find the man or the woman of your life, the knowledge to determine if he or she will truly love you is important for your personal happiness and contentment. It is also vital in building a lasting relationship and forming the blissful family you may have been dreaming of. … Discover more…

The Secret of the Heart

What is the secret of the heart?
When we need to make tough decisions,
is it really right to follow our hearts?
To answer that question, let’s first stop, read and listen.

We shouldn’t just do what our hearts are saying.
We must first have a clear thinking.
We must first seek for deep understanding.
Let’s first ask ourselves if we will be doing the right thing … Discover more…