The Secret of Loving: Hidden Truth about Love

Loving Couple

The secret of loving is that it should not be a secret; it should be rejoiced truthfully.
It is not unconditional; it is conditioned to keep you on loving.
It is not absolutely free; it serves its masters kindness and righteousness.
It is not without a limit; it is placed in the right position. … Discover more…

5 Secret Reasons Why Relationships Fail

love team breaking apart

What are the reasons why relationships fail? When a relationship ends, we always question ourselves why? What’s wrong? Why it did not worked out? Of course it hurts a lot, and many people even find themselves crying and even become half dead. If you are still in relationship at this moment, you are lucky enough to hold on to that treasure. Relationship is a jewel we should know how to take care, fight and defend for. Whether you have not been in a relationship, been enjoying it now, or just become a broken hearted person from a recent breakup – the following untold reasons why love bonds fail should give you some important lessons. … Discover more…

20 Secret Quotes about Love

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Quotes about love make our spirits grow. Love quotations are short, yet profound and can change anyone’s life – anytime and anywhere. They live over time because love lasts forever. Though we don’t see and grasp the spirit of love, we can’t deny that it exists. We need it, we ought to learn it, and we must do it. You have come to this page in search of love. So here are the 20 secret quotes about love. … Discover more…

The 10 Secrets of True Love

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What is the secret of true love? What are the secrets people must know about love and loving? Love is a wonderful thing indeed. It can bring tears of joy to your eyes and it can make your spirit lift up. In philosophy, love is a great virtue representing all of human kindness, compassion and affection. In spirituality, love is even the basis for all existence as it is the foundation of all divine laws and commandments. Love is a common thing everyone talked about. Unfortunately, true love seems to be one of the scarcest virtues we can find in people on Earth. That is why, it is just very important to know the following 10 secrets of true love people must discover before they have fallen out of love: … Discover more…