The Secret of Everything

stars in the Universe

The secret of everything,
How can we know it?
How can we answer that question,
If we don’t know everything? … Discover more…

The Best Personal Development Blog in the Philippines

Best personal and spiritual blog

The best personal development blog in the Philippines? Huh! I know that many motivational, personal development, professional enhancement, corporate productivity, self improvement and self-help bloggers across this country will surely react on this. But the title of this article is not meant to self-proclaim myself or my blog to be the one represented by that title. It is one of my means to motivate myself through that direction. … Discover more…

The Secret of a Successful Blog

Blogger's Secret

What is the secret of a successful blog? Since this blog is just a 2-month old weblog, I am doing free search engine optimization (SEO) by visiting the most prominent and profitable blogs in the blogosphere and commenting on them to get some extra link juice. But getting backlinks for my blog is not really the most enjoying part of visiting those top blogs out there. The interesting part is picking a bunch of wisdom and learning from them. Reflecting on those blogs and bloggers is such a very inspiring and encouraging activity I can get for free … Discover more…

blogging secrets
Below are success secrets I quoted from the world’s top and profitable solo bloggers. As I am also a blogger, I use to browse the web seeking for wisdom that I may use to empower my blog and inspire myself to provide more valuable contents and free services to my readers. No matter how good we are in anything, we still need the best coaches and mentors available on the planet. The following are golden tips that will serve as inspirations and lighting guides to anyone who has a pursuit for success in online entrepreneurship … Discover more…