Disciplining Mistakes You Ought Not Make With Your Children

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Discipline is an issue that many parents had trouble with. This really comes down to the parent and the child, and their interactions. There’s little doubt that certain children are more difficult to control than others. Now let’s take a look at discipline, how it affects both the parent and the children, and what mistakes you should avoid if you are disciplining your children on your own.

There’s a difference between disciplining your child and disrespecting or humiliating him or her. Shaming your kids won’t make them behave better, it just hurts their self esteem. For one thing, you should not yell at or insult your kids, especially when you are out in public.

You should also avoid the habit of labeling your child as lazy, stupid or inconsiderate. This is not going to motivate the child to change; it is only going to reinforce the idea that he or she will, in some way, be lacking. If the child is doing something you don’t like, explain what’s wrong with the behavior. The goal is to get better behavior, not to shame or cause feelings of inferiority. Occasionally, parents will have other adult discipline their kids for them. An example of this would be the school. It is their responsibility during the day to take care of their kids. So when your kids are at school, other adults are in charge of them. This includes teachers and coaches. There’s nothing wrong with this, but you still have to take the primary responsibility for your child. Sometimes busy parents look forward to allowing other adults to be in charge of their kids, especially if they have a busy schedule. Take an active interest in all of your child’s activities, in and out of school. If you don’t know what’s going on in your child’s life, chances are you’re counting on others to take on your parental responsibilities.

Learning to do things on their own is something kids must learn. In a way, you are disciplining your kids, teaching them how to take care of themselves. You should never do things for your kids just because it’s easy to accomplish. For instance, some parents will actually do their children’s laundry, wash the dishes for them, and an assortment of other things which will lead the child to believe that’s how things are done. We are not telling you to make your children work 24/7. As kids get older, they simply need to take responsibility for they are doing. When children are very young, you have to do everything for them. What happens with some parents as they continue to do everything for their kids even when they’re older, which is what needs to be avoided.

These are just a few of the big mistakes that parents will make as they attempt to discipline their children. This isn’t rocket science, you need to do things based upon what works best for you.

All the same, you can help yourself quite a bit by learning from the experiences of your fellow parents and from experts in the field of parenting. Parenting well is difficult and proper discipline is a part of that.

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