The Secret to having a Good Night’s Sleep

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A good night’s sleep is vital to a good morning’s wake-up. A good wake-up is also an important element to brighten up your day. Hence, having a good night’s sleep is such a valuable daily (or may I say a nightly) activity of your life. The secret to having a good night sleep and getting rid of insomnia is a matter of having a harmonious relationship with your brain and body. Are you experiencing insomnia? Are there times that you want to sleep but your brain doesn’t want to grant you your wish? It seems that your brain is becoming disobedient that it cannot follow your command to give you a single nice sleep. But the truth is… it is not your brain that becomes stubborn. But it is your actions and decisions that are causing you the discomfort of suffering from sleeplessness.

Do you still remember the time when your brain is sending you messages that says “let’s go to sleep”, but you just ignore those repetitive messages because you just don’t want to fall asleep that very moment? This is the reason why many people suffer from insomnia. They don’t listen to what their body is telling them. Consequently, their own body systems are not already functioning well. Our own body structure has its own natural capability to protect ourselves from harm and dangers. When our body and brain are exhausted, they sent messages requesting us to provide them with adequate rest and sleep for their recovery. They naturally know better than what we know in regard to taking care of our physical structure. That’s why we should follow those tiny messages that our body is sending us. If our brain says let’s go to sleep because I’m already tired – then let’s go to sleep. Even a short nap can provide you health benefits. Furthermore, if our brain says let’s wakeup now because I’m tired of sleeping and I need to work and burn some calories – then let’s rise from our bed and start moving. This is the secret to having a deep and healthy sleep – be cooperative with your body and brain.

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