How to Achieve Your New Year’s Resolution: Part 1 (Peace)

New Year Fireworks

So you’ve already got a list of your New Year’s Resolutions? It’s great that you have come to read this article. It only means that you are more passionate this time to learn how to really accomplish your good pledge to yourself and to others for this fresh and promising year. So how can you really achieve your New Year’s Resolution? There are two great things that we can use to really help us in keeping our promises and attaining our goals for the New Year. These great things are “peace and power”. In this episode, I will be discussing how the virtue of peacefulness becomes an important key to hold on to your vow and reach your certain targets for the next 12 months, and even for the rest of your life.

Importance of peace to reaching your goals
Without peace, any person cannot achieve prosperity efficiently. Just like a country in war, it cannot go to progress optimally. Peacefulness gives us the smooth run to reach our objectives. Without peace, your mind is preoccupied. Thus, you cannot fill it with new objects you want to put on it. Without peace, something is always running on your mind. Thus, you cannot make important things run on your mind without the interference of the other. With wars happening inside and out of our minds, we cannot work with focus, we cannot resist with full force, and we cannot hold on with full strength. Peace is very important to achieving your New Year’s resolution because it makes your “road to success” straight, clear, bright and smooth.

How to have peacefulness?
Peace can be achieved even without going into battle. If you don’t have peace right now, it’s because you’re at war. When you’re at war you become a warrior. Though a warrior may sounds great, it may not actually do great things in many instances. It’s because peacekeepers are simply greater than war-makers. The truth is most people are warriors, but only few are diplomats. When we are hurt, most of us immediately resort to fighting back and give our sort of revenge, but only few go for diplomacy. Only few people want to talk and discuss to seek peace. Truly, most of us don’t have peace because we don’t get peace. If we want to have peace, we just need to get it. We can obtain it first through diplomacy. But peace is hard to get if we don’t see it, isn’t it? Hence, if we want to succeed in grabbing peace, we should not become blind of it. However, through hatred and wrath, our eyes become blind. That is why most of us immediately forget it and instead resort to combat. To effectively have peace, we should not lose it in our sight. We should always remove the things (i.e., hatred, wrath and revenge) that make our sight obscure to see peacefulness. And when we see it, we must get it right though diplomacy – through peace talk.

Using peacefulness to achieve your New Year’s Resolution
Let us say your resolution is to overcome procrastination this year. It’s hard right? But through inner peace, you can be able to achieve it. Actually, people procrastinate when their minds are fully loaded, even though they are not physically tired. You cannot make things done today if you are confused and chaotic. So how to overcome procrastination? Simply, don’t hurt yourself by putting it more down. Rather, become a diplomat and talk to yourself by way of reflection and meditation. Also, have a peace talk with the people who are making your mind upside-down. Ask for forgiveness and give forgiveness to free your mind. By having a lighter mind and feelings, you can be more assured to overcome procrastination. And not only that, you can even be more capable of getting rid of other negative qualities, such as tardiness, impatience, indolence, wrath, dishonesty and the like.

What if your resolution is to lose weight? What’s the relevance of peace and diplomacy to losing weight? Well, you cannot just battle yourself and make it hunger or punish it with lots of exhausting workouts.  To effectively lose weight, you need to have a peaceful and harmonious relationship with your own body.  Before you put any kind of food inside your body, you should first talk and ask yourself, is this food healthy? Besides, you cannot just refrain from eating to become lighter. Instead, you need to have a proper and well balanced diet. Moreover, when you feel so lazy to go to the gym, you cannot just knock yourself out and go to sleep instead. But you need to bring diplomacy to yourself. You need to convince yourself to do what is right and willingly go for a workout in the gym.

We should always have inner peace to achieve any of our good objectives. We should get rid of things that destroy peace inside us, such as wrath, vengeance, pride and deceit. If you want to achieve your New Year’s Resolution for this promising year, you need to achieve peace first. To achieve peace is to get it. To get peace is to see to it first. Don’t hastily go into war, but become a great diplomat. A war with anyone will not help you achieve your goals.  You need to learn how to do a peace talk with anyone, especially with yourself.

I hope you learn the importance of peace and how to use it to achieve your goals. In our next episode, we will be discussing “How to achieve your New Year’s Resolution using power”.

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