How to Achieve Your New Year’s Resolution: Part 2 (Power)

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Previously, we have discussed how peace will help you achieve your New Year’s Resolution. This time, we will talk about the importance of having and using your power to attain what you wish for this hopeful year. Power can be physical, personal or spiritual. In Physics, it is the rate at which work is performed or energy is converted. In humans, it is the rate of work we mentally, emotionally and personally perform. In spiritual sense, power is the rate of work performed by your spiritual things, such as love, kindness and humility. Power is a very significant factor in reaching our expectations because it prevents us from making our assets and resources futile. Furthermore, power is the one that keeps us moving and going towards our every targeted destination. Now that you already have an idea what power is, let’s start realizing our great desires for this brand new year.

The power to achieve your New Year’s Resolution
Peace gives you the clear and smooth path to success, while power moves you to reach that success. If you have already obtained peace, as we discussed in our previous episode, then you can advantageously use it with power to surely achieve your New Year’s Resolution. Powers exist in various forms. One power that is common to us is knowledge. Knowledge is power, and the greater the knowledge is, the greater the power is. Therefore, to obtain power, we need to know. What shall we know? We need to know our resolutions. For example if your resolution is to avoid procrastination (as we discussed in the previous article), you need to know what constitutes procrastination. You need to know the what, when, how and why of procrastination. You should be able to know what is procrastination, when it happens, how you will prevent it, and why you want to prevent it. By having answers to those questions, you gain knowledge – the power you will use to achieve your goal.

Choosing the right power
After you get the power, of course you don’t just leave it behind your brain. The fact is we know a lot of things. These various pieces of knowledge give us many choices and alternatives. That is why though we know what is best, we often choose the least. This is because the lesser choice is often the easier choice. We know what procrastination is and its effects to us, but we also know that it’s hard to get rid. That is why we often choose to continue procrastinating because it’s easier than eliminating it. To achieve your resolution, you don’t just get a power, but you should also need to choose it among the others. Thus, you should really choose and stand to stop procrastinating.

Using the chosen power
Now that you have chosen the right power or knowledge, you must do it! When you know it, you put it in your mind. When you choose it, you put it in your heart. And when you do it, you put it in your hands. Thus, you should do everything you know to prevent procrastination. You should obey discipline, patience, perseverance and every virtue that will help you depart from being a procrastinator.

The life with power
To completely achieve your New Year’s Resolution, you should not just consider doing it for a year, but you must direct yourself in practicing it for life. If you want to totally eradicate procrastination, you should live a life free from it. You should not just put your power or knowledge in your mind, heart and hands, but most importantly, you must put it in your life. This goes to all kinds of New Year’s resolutions you have in mind now. Whether they are to erase procrastination, indolence or even to get rid of the extra fats in your belly, you need to live in power to achieve those things. Finally, by living in power and peace, your New Year’s Resolution will be achieved not only for one year, but even for the rest of your life.

Have a happy, peaceful and powerful New Year!

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