How to be a Loving Husband

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How to be a loving husband? Marriage is not only for fun. It is neither just a traditional obligation nor a natural requirement when your age matures. Marrying someone is uniting with somebody whom is the love of your life. Simply, it is a lifetime unity between two lovers. If you’re a married man, you must really love your wife to always make that unification a powerful union of love. The following ways and steps will guide you on how to become a truly loving husband.

1. Love yourself. You must love your wife as you love yourself. This only means that you must first learn how to love yourself to be able to love your wife righteously. Start from loving your own soul (body and spirit). If you love your body, you should take care of it and bring it always in good health. Stop smoking, getting drunk and overindulging in meat – you know how it will destroy your own body. If you love your spirit, you should take care of your personality, values and attitudes by always practicing love, kindness, humility, honesty and righteousness.

2. Know your wife. You should know your wife. And not only that, you must also be able to prove that you really know your wife. Of course you know her name, but do you know her thoughts and feelings? To be a loving husband, you must know those things. Knowing your wife is also your way of eradicating the false things that run in your mind.

3. Believe in her. You should justify your wife in your heart and mind. After knowing her, you should not just put that knowledge in vain, but you must use it to believe in her. In other words, you should not reject the truth you’ve known about her. Accept them and make them better.

4. Choose her. Make her your choice. Always select her over other things that can destroy your relationship with her. Choose her over your pride, over your wrath, over your greed, over your cigarette, over your gambling activities, over your sexy secretary and even over your parent’s home that you’ll leave. Also, choose her to be the one woman whom you will love for the rest of your life.

5. Stand for her. You must stand for her as your choice.

6. Respect her. Give her a positive feeling of esteem. To love your wife, you must be humble to lift her up. You must also take care of her integrity and protect her security. You should not only give her the signs of respect, but give her actual respects.

7. Have patience. Be selfless and willing to suffer for her. Love is patient. And in order to become patient, you don’t just command yourself to be enduring… but you should also practice yourself to be calm and strong to acquire endurance that realizes the real virtue of patience.

8. Give her strength. Give her strength by showing that you are strong and abundant of power, gentleness, care, love, joy, hope, faithfulness and thankfulness.

9. Don’t lie. “Honesty is the best policy” is a common saying yet so uncommon to people. If the love you have for your wife is genuine, then you should always obey this great policy. Don’t count on alibis; white lies are still lies. They break hearts and torn relationships apart. So don’t be a slave of deception, but rather serve the truth.

10. Enjoy life with her. Though marriage is for happiness and troubles, and through thick and thin, you should always find a way to bring joy to your married life with her. There are always pieces of true happiness elsewhere. As a loving husband, you must always look for them and share it with your faithful wife.

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  1. Vic,
    Wish every husband will read it. I’ll share this with some friends.
    To be fair for the husbands, maybe you should also write one on How to be a Loving (or Respectful) Wife :-)

  2. Very interesting post. I love my wife, and it is difficult to be a good partner for her sometimes, but that is a worthy goal. Thank you for writing.

  3. Sorry to interrupt but if you can do this all you are probably a saint.

    • Hello,

      Saints have sacrificed their lives for their faith, executed and died in a bloody manner. We don’t need to die that way to become loving husbands. :) )

  4. Most wives are naturally loving — I think it’s in women’s nature — so this post is more needed than How to be a Loving Wife. Woman was created to accompany the Man because the Man was lonely. Kawawa naman the woman — he was created for the Man. Siguro yan din ang reason na mas psychologically prepared ang mga women against the vagaries of life.

    Congrats, Vic, for running a blog which is purely for others’ encouragement,aka walang ads.

    More power and more blessings!


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