How to Become a Faithful Wife

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How to become a faithful wife? Love is greater than faith. Hence, if we cannot be faithful, how much more can we become loving persons? Faith is vital in every relationship to endure, prosper and become successful. That is why every man who dreams to live a happy married life wishes to marry a faithful and believing wife. The following are ways to help you become the bride or the wife that every loving husband desires.

1. Marry a loving husband. If you’re still a single lady, then find a groom who will truly become a loving husband. It’s really hard to trust and have confidence with someone who indeed isn’t sincere and trustworthy.

2. Make him love you. Now if you’ve already entered a lifetime union with a guy and it seems that the love you are expecting from him is missing, you should not just sit in a corner and wait until he hands you that love – you must move and make certain efforts to make him love you. Remember that patience is not only use for waiting, but also use for working continuously.

3. Harvest confidence. To be faithful to your husband, you must have confidence in him. Though your husband makes errors, he may still have kindness in his heart. Thus, you must do everything to know him and find every positive thing within him. Then don’t waste and let them wither – harvest those things to enrich your confidence and faith in him.

4. Be trustworthy. If there is anything that is better than trusting, then it is being trustworthy. Okay, husbands should trust their wives. But for the virtue of selflessness that must be found in your heart as a faithful wife, you should give more than you receive – you should focus on becoming trustworthy rather than wasting time forcing a man to trust you. Bear in mind that truth cannot be denied – a trustworthy wife cannot be distrusted.

5. Test your faith. So you are faithful now? Let’s test your faith. How did you earn your faith? Why did you become faithful to him? Is your faith a true faith? To be really faithful, you must have the ability to answer and justify these questions with open mind and heart.

6. Work your faith. Faithfulness is not only found in one’s mouth, heart or mind, it must also be found on your hands. In other words it must be manifested with deeds that enrich your relationship with him. Remember that the word faithful means “full of faith”. You can’t be a faithful wife if your faith is weak or dead.

7. Base your faith in love. Everyone can be faithful, but not all of them founded their faith on love. Be sure that your faith is not based on self-interest, self-ambition or deception. You must be a wife whose faith is working through a genuine love.

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