How to Become a Good Person

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How to become a good person? With the numerous laws our world have established, becoming a good guy, boy or girl is not easy. Once you break laws from the government, from your community or even from your home, you will already be considered a bad person. Nevertheless, laws are not the reason why there are many bad people in this world. With or without laws, people will still hurt people, and they will still hurt their selves. Becoming a good person is not just abiding the good laws, but it is more on preserving the purpose of those laws. The following are steps and ways to completely turn you into a good person.

Have good eyes
A good person is a good watcher. Keep your eyes on things that produce good things. Read books, articles, news and other pieces of writing that can make you a good person. Watch shows, movies and other presentations that can turn you a good guy. Moreover, utilize your eyes on taking care and helping others. Remember that your eye is the lamp of your body. Therefore, if you always see good things, you will have a good light to your body. However, this doesn’t mean you should absolutely close your eyes on things that are considered bad. Sometimes, we learn from terrible things. The rule is that you must avoid seeing things that can corrupt your good character.

Have good ears
A good person is a good listener. Listen to discussions, speeches and even music that influence you good things. It’s not in the sound, but it is in the message. Furthermore, use your ears to show care, love and compassion. It’s not whom you listen, but it is how you listen. You must also use your ears with justice and righteousness. Thus, you should always hear carefully the both sides, before you make a judgment.

Have a good mind
A good person is a good thinker. Therefore, you should have good thoughts and plans. What you see, what you read and what you heard – think good of them. Good thinking means using your knowledge and ideas to show love and kindness to yourself and to other people. It does not plan evil; instead, it plans to overcome evil. A good person also has a peaceful and enlightened mind.

Have a good heart
A good person has good intentions. Thus, you should choose to be good, and make that decision a cheerful one. A good heart is one that is selfless, rather than selfish. The owner of a good heart does not hurt the heart of other people. This is because it is prudent, pure, gentle and loving. Even if you watch, listen, tell and mind people, if you don’t have good intentions, your efforts wouldn’t still bear good fruits. Hence, support your eyes, ears, tongue and mind with a pure heart.

Have a good mouth
A good person has good words. He talks with justice and not with foolishness. If you want to become a good person, you should always be gentle and be wise in your words. Furthermore, your mouth should coordinate with your mind, heart and actions. This means that you should be true to your words. Also, a person who is always silent doesn’t mean he is good. To become a real good man you should also know how to teach, preach and rebuke people for their own good.

Have good hands
A good person has good actions. Your good plans, intentions and words must be put in actions. Your good principles in mind, your kindness in heart and your words of wisdom must be worked out and produce good fruits. Without executions your careful eyes, understanding ears, knowledgeable brain, compassionate heart and gracious words will not bear results. If you really want to become a good one, you should act in good hands.

Have a good spirit
A good person has a good foundation. To ensure that you become a good person, you should have a good base. This means that all your principles, values and attitudes should be based on good spiritual things, such as love, compassion, humility, self-control, peacefulness, forgiveness, faithfulness and joy. You must depart from the earthly and evil things, such as greed, wrath, deceit, pride and envy. Determining the righteousness of your foundation can be done through prayer, mediation, reflection, and finding your inner self.

Have a good soul
A good person has a good life. To complete your quest to become a good man or a good woman, you must combine all the goodness in yourself (your thoughts, intentions, words, actions and foundations) to form a good life. Furthermore, they should also have consistency and completeness. Thus, you must not only become good for a while, but you should try your best to stay good for all the time. A good soul is one that unites your body (eyes, ears, mouth, heart and head) and spirit into a good person. This also means that you need to assure that all of them are good. This is because if one of them will turn bad, it might corrupt the others and ruin the goodness of your entirety. That is why you must always assure that you are a pure good.

By making good all parts in you that makes you a person, you will simply become good. Though it’s simple, it’s not that easy. But life is made difficult so that we could have the ability to do what is difficult. We are created to do the greater things, which are the good things. We are not created to do the wicked things, which are evil. Finally, we are here in this world to become good and great people.

Becoming a good person is not just a choice to make; it is a choice to live. So if you think your bad, and you want to transform yourself into a good one, you need rebirth.

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