How to Become a Humble Person

become humble persons

How to become a humble person? What is the secret to have humility? How to overcome pride? Undeniably, it’s really hard to stay humble, considering that we, people, are usually living with pride. But being proud will not give us any good things in life. Moreover, pride is one of darkest forces that can ruin not only our lives, but also the existence of our souls and spirits. People can tell that pride destroys good relationships, such as marriage and friendship. It can also destroy your own happiness and can even deter your success. Well, I have said a lot of bad things about pride and being so much proud of oneself. But that is the truth; pride is evil. Pride is the opposite of humility, and if humility is good, then what is the opposite of good? Isn’t it evil? If your proud, don’t worry, you are not evil – it is the pride within you that is evil. I have once become a victim of pride, not only once, but many times before. But now, let’s hold our hands, and join me in overcoming the power of pride.

To defeat the force of pride, we need to have light. It’s simple as that, but it’s not easy as it sounds. This is the light that makes everyone humble. This LIGHT is love, insight, gentleness, honor and toughness. So let’s discuss how these things will give us the virtue of humility.

If you want to achieve humility, you need to backup it with other great virtues, such as compassion, forgiveness and kindness. You cannot become humble to someone if you hate someone, am I right? That is why becoming humble is so hard, because it also means becoming someone who possess all the qualities that support it. Humility does not live alone. It should co-exist with other good virtues to live long. Moreover, all these virtues should be united. This is why we must have love, because love is the one that bind all these virtues in perfect harmony. Love will also bind and connect all the four qualities below to work us one.

Insight is your chosen knowledge, your acted wisdom, and your valued understanding. People tend to become proud because they don’t pay attention to the consequences. Although we know that humility will keep us away from troubles, most of us still don’t practice it. The reason is that most of us, who are used to be proud, have not tried to become humble for a longer period of time. If we will only practice humility for months or years, then we will realize and understand how it indeed keeps us away from troubles and really gives us joy and peace. Furthermore, by making it a habit and a way of life, we will become truly humble.

Gentle people naturally love peace and order. They walk like doves; they are prudent. To become a humble person, you need to have gentleness in your mouth to avoid pompous talking. You also need to have a gentle mind and heart to avoid portentous thoughts and intentions. Moreover, you also need to have gentle hands to avoid hasty and harsh actions. Gentleness is achieved through self-control, a virtue that should be observed and be practiced at all time. This keeps us away from wrath brought by vengeance. This also prevent s us from being proud and lovers of fame, which are commonly caused by envy. So be gentle, if you want to become humble.

Many people misunderstood pride as a good virtue. That is why most of them do everything to protect their pride and not let anyone take it away from them.  Well, don’t keep and protect this dark thing within you. Instead, throw it away and replace it with honor. Most people view pride and honor as the same, but they are making a big mistake… they are opposite to each other. Do you want to see the difference? Here it is: honor always protects righteousness, while pride defends selfishness. Moreover, an honorable man protects other people, while a proud person is only after his own sake. I don’t need to say… I’m proud of myself, but I rather say… I’m honored of myself. Likewise, I’m not proud of my country, but I’m honored of my country. I’m not proud of my God, but I’m honored of my God. If you are proud of something, you are putting that thing in vanity. If you are proud of someone, you are putting him in arrogance. But if you put someone or something in honor, you are putting them in respect and glory. Therefore, instead of keeping pride within you, keep honor instead.

So in order to become humble, you bind your insight, gentleness and honor using your love. And to complete it, you should bind them with toughness. Pride is difficult to overcome; it can easily conquer us. That is why we need to have strength, firmness and resistance to establish humility and overthrow the force of pride. If we are weak, we will easily be tempted by the comfort and effortlessness promised by pride. Hence, be strong and stand firm in the side of humility. Remember that being humble is such a great task. That is why only great people can do it. Therefore, you got to be tough to do one of the most difficult jobs of life – to be humble.

There you are: the LIGHT (love, insight, gentleness, honor and toughness) that establishes humility. Through love, bind them all together in perfect harmony and unite them firmly to work us one. Let it build you real humility.

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“God is the greatest Master because he serves the greatest.”

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