How to Become a Powerful Person

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How to become a powerful person? What is the secret to becoming a powerful man or a woman? Power, whether it is physical, personal, financial, mental, emotional or spiritual, we need it to achieve what we desire. Most people abuse it, while others have found their sense of responsibility by using it. It’s like water, you can drink it or you can share it. You can also purify it or let it be contaminated.

Our goal, in this article, is to enlighten you on what power really means and go over some of the essential qualities required to find the inner strength and qualities within you to become a more powerful person and create your desired reality. But for further reading beyond what we discuss here, we’d like to propose the following e-book from Universal Life Secrets that promises to help transform your thought process in a way that helps you achieve your desired reality regardless of your current mindset and situation in life:

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So what really is power? Power is an ability to make change or prevent change the things within you or around you. So if you dare to grab it, here is how you will get it, and probably, intensify it.

Learn how to handle

If you want power, you must first learn how to handle it. This is because if you can’t handle it, it can be your worst weakness. Also, if you know how to handle your weaknesses, it can be your best power. People always crave to gain strengths and powers, while usually ignoring their weaknesses. Thus, they don’t achieve a balanced power – the true power. It is the power that can overcome not only a weakness, but also another power.

If you can manage knowledge, the truth, your million dollar income, or even just your one month free Internet access, then it’s a great power. Moreover, if you can manage your life even when you’re in the dark, you’re poor and don’t have any advantages, then that’s also a great power. If you will combine these two, you can have a greater power – a power that can handle almost everything in life. Thus, you should have power in both hands. So practice not only handling troubles, but also pleasures – if you don’t want to get into another form of trouble.

Have the best self-defense

You need to have the greatest self-defense anyone could have. This is the one that is more powerful than any of the Earth’s nuclear weapons. This is the one that is more effective than any of the world’s best martial arts. Your best self-defense is one that can defeat your greatest enemy – your worst self. Your worst self is your external self that conspire your worst adversaries, such as your greed, wrath, pride and envy. Your best self is your inner and spiritual self that works together with the things that can give you eternal salvation, such as love, faithfulness, compassion, forgiveness, gentleness, humility and patience.

Plant and harvest powers

Do you want to get powers? Plant them so that you can harvest. Do you want a stable financial power? Be prudent and diligent. Do you want to have a firm political power? Be helpful and be nice to people. Do you want to have a marketing power? Then be social and relational. Do you want a powerful body? Then invest discipline and hard work. Do you want to have a great spiritual power? Then keep on planting love, patience and humility. The secret of power is that it is not what you get after you work, but it is what you get while working. That is why power is defined as the rate at which work is performed.

Be spiritual and metaphysical

Our science and technology becomes more powerful as the time passes by. This happens because our discoveries on the things in the smaller scale are increasing. Before, our phones and televisions are huge and heavy. But now they are getting smaller and more powerful. This is because our knowledge is moving into the smaller world – the world of nanotechnology. Furthermore, our scientific understanding of the Universe has also increased because of the formulation of quantum physics. But what’s the point?

The point is that the more we get into the smaller and more invisible things the more we become powerful. So if atoms and subatomic particles are powerful, how much more those that’s more invisible – the spirits. The Universe is not infinite and it will end, but the spirits will remain forever. If you want to become powerful and eternal, you should understand the spiritual things. You should live in the spiritual world. You should feed on the spirits of love, kindness, joy and the like.

Serve greatly and humbly

If power is the rate at which work is performed, you can be powerful if you work in full. Powerful persons are the ones who work purely. They are the ones who love fully and serve greatly. And more than that, they are the people who can serve while staying in humility. These are the people who are considered the servant leaders. They are called great leaders because they serve what’s the greatest, without making themselves proud. They do it not for pride, but for the honor and glory of their people. Just think again and consider this: the greater the people they serve the more the power they obtained. Now are you wondering why God is the most powerful? It is because He serves the greatest in the humblest way.

Remember that true power is not just an ability, but also a purity. It is not just a rate, but also an immeasurability. Finally, it is not just a quantity, but also a harmony. So, how do you feel? Did you feel an increase in your power? Did this article somehow increase your power to live? Thank you for reading. Please consider sharing this humble power to your friends.

”In our house, our youngest baby is the most powerful, because he gives joy in full. When he cries all tremble… and he has no pride at all.”

“Knowledge is power; wisdom is the main switch; understanding is your fingertips; insight is being automatic.”

Thanks for reading our article and we hope it has been enlightening. For further reading, we do recommend you check out the following e-book from Universal Life Secrets:

Universal Life Secrets: How to Transform Your Life & Create Your Desired Reality

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