How to Become a Real Human Being

Human Race

Human beings, that’s what we are. We can walk upright, run fast, swim the seas, and even fly a metallic object into the skies. With our intelligence and high reasoning, we dominate the world over other species alive. There is no doubt that you are a human being – a powerful creature who lives on this planet. But the question is… are you living as a real human?

What makes you a human being
Body, soul and spirit: these are the ones that make you a human. You are composed of things which are seen and unseen. You have flesh, thoughts, emotions… and one thing that comes from God – your spirit. You eat naturally, mentally and spiritually. You eat foods, knowledge and virtues.

Human against animals
Now, if you are only focusing on the things that will feed your body and flesh, such as the food you eat, the fluid you drink, and the shelter that protects you from the heat and rain, what differs you from the animals who are only living to do such things? Animals eat, drink, sleep, mate and play. They spend most of their time looking for something to feed their belly. If you spend most of your time and energy to work for money to buy the needs of your body, what makes you more than the animals?

Human versus robots and computers
Then you concentrate on knowledge, education, skills and talents. You think they are more than what the cats and dogs can do. Yes you are right. But does your education make you a real human being? Isn’t the computers are also feeding on knowledge and information? If you only concentrate on eating knowledge and education for your brain, what makes you different from the computers? Robots and computers think and decide. They can even store more information than humans can do.

How to become a true person and a real human being?
The answer is to simply nourish not only your body and soul, but also your spirit. In other words, you must not only eat bread and knowledge, but you must also eat virtues, such as love, hope, faithfulness and compassion.

Final thoughts
You are a human being. You are more than the animals who are only concern on the hunger of their flesh. You are also beyond the computers which only feed on information and knowledge. You are a person who has a body, soul and spirit. You need to feed the three to indeed live as a human being.

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  1. Soul: abstract denomination for the information existent in the nervous system. More commonly known as mind.
    Spirit: abstract entity with no empirical evidence supporting its existence. Invented by humans as a means to liberate them from the fear of the end of cognition following the destruction of the mind. Also used to justify status as elevated life forms, used in this fashion to justify ethnological segmentation within the species, such as slavery.
    God: abstract entity with no empirical evidence supporting its existence. Invented by humans as means to answer the necessity of a motive for the existence of their perceived environment, the Universe (colloquially referred to as “the World”). Serves other purposes as a psychological aid.

  2. Hi Atanok, welcome to our blog.
    Thanks for giving us those definitions of yours, but what are your empirical evidences supporting your definitions? The definitions you have shared based on your knowledge are abstract. Abstract means disassociated from any specific instance. Those definitions do not come from absolute science, but only from theoretical immature science.

    There are tons of Earthly (physical) and heavenly (metaphysical) evidences that proves the existence of spirit and God.

    How can you understand heavenly things, if you cannot understand earthly things? God is not invented by men to answer the necessity of a motive for the existence of their perceived environment, the Universe. God is the proof of the intelligent design that is in the Universe.

  3. We share many similar traits as animals, we are selfish, concern only with our flesh, we look for mate, food, and drinks. We even fight for it if necessary. We kill each other, we made war, we hate, we destroy, we induce fear to our fellow.

    Our pursuit to knowledge is immense. We are eager to explore things unknown to us. We are gluttonous of knowledge.

    We commit sin, we want to stay in the dark, we serve the forces of evil. There is great evil lurking inside of us. That’s it, these things define us as real human.

    But we human also know how to love, we share, we serve, we help. Our capacity to serve is great to a point of sacrifice. We can sacrifice our very own life for a common goal. Soldiers are willing to die in the battle, patriots are ready to die for his people. There is a bond between us that we learn how unite. We learn from our mistake and we are willing to do the right.

    Most of all, we have the power to chose which way to go. Release the evil within and destroy life or share love to all and protect life. Either way, it will define us as human.

    • Oh free will, such a great thing we humans have. I wish everyone have used it right, choosing life and not choosing death. Wisdom gives us the ability to discern what is right and what is wrong, and choose what is right and reject what is wrong. By understanding, this wisdom is practiced by us, by insight this understanding becomes our life.

  4. Really Great blog and Spiritual content…
    Thanks Admin

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