How to Become a Wise Person?

A man of wisdom

How to become a wise person? How to acquire wisdom to become righteous and gain success in all your ways? The following are ten steps to become a person who has the ability to make correct judgments and decisions out of his stored knowledge, understanding and realizations.

1. Read books of wisdom. If you are serious to become a wise person, you should stop or at least minimize reading gibberish writings from books, magazines, websites or any publications. Instead, you need to provide yourself with the keen to search and read the words which are rich in wisdom. You can start by reading the most published compilation of books in all of human history – the Bible.

2. Listen to wise men. You know a wise man is speaking when the words he speaks give enlightenment to his listeners. So make it a habit to go along and always listen to people who utters words that bring light to our life.

3. Learn from your experience. In other words learn the real lessons out of your sweat, tears, pain and blood. Do you want to repeat the painful process just to recall the lessons you’ve failed to learn? Ouch!

4. Reflect to your inner self. A person of wisdom has the answers to the “who am I”, “what is the meaning of life” and “what is my purpose on Earth” questions. To achieve answers for these baffling questions, you need to be spiritual. You need to study things of invisibility – that is smaller than quantum scale!

5. Formulate principles. From the knowledge and the realizations you’ve gathered from doing the steps in numbers 1 to 4, you must come up with logical theories and principles. So is honesty really the best policy? Does integrity really gives you security? You should make conclusions on the studies you have undertaken.

6. Fine-tune those principles. After formulating your principles, you should polish up them by simplifying them and picking only what is right while leaving behind what it wrong.

7. Value those principles. Principles are wisdom which are appealing to hear and engaging to speak. However, they may only be putted in vain if you will not value them. Thus, you need to make them as important as the breath of your life.

8. Practice those that you’ve valued. Your valued principles should lead you to actions. So they are not only manifested in your mind and heart, but also showed by using your hands with all the might you have.

9. Bear good fruits. A wise person is not only recognized from the fundamentals that he speaks or executes, he is fully determined by the consequences of his actions. So be sure to be like a tree of wisdom which bears fruits of wisdom. There are many people who called themselves wise but bear wickedness. Be prudent and watchful.

10. Share them. Wisdom is like a flame, it can be passed from candle to another candles. A wise person is naturally a wise teacher. Therefore if you want to be wise, you should assure that you can also produce wise persons.

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  1. All that you have listed were true to become a wise. Wisdom usually inborn but should be nurtured by experiences. Experiences through all the things who have stated above. Thanks for posting this. Must be bookmarked.


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