How to Become Patient like a Dog

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Patience is a virtue. People need it to succeed in everything they do. Furthermore, it is also one of my favorite topics when writing articles on personal development and self-improvement. When it comes to becoming patient, dogs are one of my primary inspirations. We know that dogs are more loyal than cats. We can also observe that these Pluto and Snoopy kind of animals have tremendous patience. Even if you hurt your lovely dog, he still comes to you with wagging tail. They are patient when it comes to relationship. That is why they are called man’s best friends. So how can we become as patient as our lovely dogs? The following are their characteristics that contribute to their long patience. So let’s be attentive and learn from them.

1. Enduring. One of the features of the dogs that make them patient is their great stamina. They don’t tire out easily, emotionally and physically.  Even in the wild, they can chase their prey for long hours and successfully catch it for their dinner. My two domesticated dogs have the same capability; they can chase me without even sweating. So what can we learn? If you want to be patient (in a relationship, in your work, or in your journey to success), you need to become physically durable. You need to keep your body and mind in and in better stamina. Poor health obviously affects our patience. This is because people tend to lose it when they are stressed and suffering from various illness. So if you want to be patient, you need to train hard and acquire stamina through exercise, balance diet and adequate rest.

2. Determined. Although cats are more precise than dogs, our best friends are the ones who usually achieve their goals. The reason is that they are more determined than the kitties. It seems that quitting is not in their vocabulary. They will always go for their objective (especially food) no matter how hard and lingering it is to achieve it. This is one of their primary characteristics that make them patient. And for the humans to possess such virtue, they need to undergo a lot of self-control and concentration. While dogs are naturally determined, most people, who have free will, find it difficult to have such virtuous characteristic. This is why we need to continually practice them until they become natural for us to do. So if you want to become a long sufferer like dogs, you should practice determination, focus and self-control.

3. Observant. Dogs are curious and they are not snobbish. You can always catch their attention and make them listen to you and sniff you. One of their attributes that form their patience is their enthusiasm to observe the things around them. This habit makes them more perceptive, leading them to become more understanding. For us humans to be patient, we also need to become more observant and understanding. This is because patience is achieved when we have the ability to make the right decisions. These decisions are made when we have more knowledge and awareness of our environment and the things that will happen in the future as consequences. To remain patient, itself, is a tough decision to make. Hence, if you desire to become more patient, you should be more knowledgeable, understanding and insightful.

4. Protective. Our pets are always protective to us. We know it because they will bark and bite if danger is approaching to their masters, as well as to their territories. So why is protection relevant to becoming patient? Simply, if we have good attributes (i.e., patience, kindness, love, et cetera), we need to protect them to preserve them. We also need to have the ability to identify the threats and potential risks that can destroy those good virtues. These threats may include stress, emotional weakness, lack of knowledge and misunderstanding. So if you want to have patience, you must also know how to protect and preserve that great virtue.

5. Loyal. Dogs symbolize loyalty and they are really loyal. That is why they are my most favorite buddies of all creatures in the animal kingdom. Such loyalty also makes them patient. Anyone, whether dogs or humans, needs to be patient to show loyalty to someone. So if you dream to acquire patience, you need to become loyal; you need to be dedicated and faithful to the ones whom you have relationships with. Without loyalty, true faith or love, real patience is never met.

6. Playful. Lastly, dogs can endure any deep relationship despite of all odds. The reason is that they know how to play. I don’t mean playing which is deceiving, but I mean some ability that can turn the bad tide into a good one. Dogs are playful, cheerful and they know how to spend their hours in an enjoyable manner. They know how to relax and cope up with the oddity of life. Therefore, if you wish to become patient as these creatures, you also need to learn how to enjoy life and live it in a positive way. You need to have the time to ease and relieve all the stress and tensions of life that cause to shorten your patience.

Final thoughts
We, humans are the most rational species that live on Earth. We are equipped with the intelligence and the power of freewill to rule the Earth and at the same time protect it. However, these abilities are the ones that are commonly abused and consequently bring us failures and weaknesses. If we look at the animals, they just live naturally. Dogs are naturally patient; doves are gentle; while cats are in nature precise. We can see that we have the greatest ability to progress ourselves physically, mentally and emotionally among all the creatures on this planet. We should not become lower than them. We can at least be like them… or be more than them.

“Patience is a virtue; a virtue that needs a lot of dedication, strength, stamina, wisdom, understanding and constant practice.”

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