How to Become Selfless

selfless person

How to become selfless? Does it mean you need to ignore yourself to care for others? Not necessarily. It just means you need to ignore your earthly fleshy self to be kind to others. It also means that you need to become spiritual to become selfless. This is why it is called selflessness: you become invisible.  You become more spiritual rather than a material person.

Self-sacrifice doesn’t mean sacrificing your entire self, but means sacrificing only the material things in you. The bad news is that you may lose your material possessions. The good news is that these material possessions are only temporal. You lose them while retaining your spiritual possessions, which are permanent and eternal.

To achieve selflessness, you must fathom the existence of these two different kinds of things: the things that are seen and the things that are unseen. The things that are seen perish, but the things that are unseen live forever. In our world, the most powerful things are the ones which are invisible. The Universe is composed of atoms and its sub particles, while our lives are composed of the more invisible things – the spirits.

Selfless persons are the ones who prioritized the things of the Heaven. They focus on the eternal things, such as love, kindness, patience, peacefulness, gentleness, self-discipline, compassion and joy. They are the ones who sacrifice the desires of their flesh, such as the greed, lust and envy of money, fame and other physical things. They are the people who are not conquered by the force of selfishness, and that’s because they know how to control their selves.

Imagine you are in a marriage relationship. If you’re a material person, your heart and mind will be set on the unspiritual things. You will protect your pride and reprisal more than your relationship with your partner. Thus, when you’re hurt you will fight back, resulting this to marriage problems. On the other hand, if you’re a spiritual person you will give value to love, humility, patience and gentleness. Thus, you will sacrifice your own pride in exchange of humility, love and forgiveness that bring harmonious relationship.

Now imagine you are a businessman. If you give more importance on the financial (material) matters, rather than on the relational (spiritual) matters, your tendency will be on producing and selling low quality products that will give you instant profit. On the other hand, if you focus on spiritual things, your propensity will be on producing high quality products that will give your customers satisfaction. Though it means a lot of sacrifices in the short run, the lasting benefits are rewarding.

To finally become a selfless, unselfish and self-sacrificing person, you need to walk and live like a spirit. This is the spirit that comes from God – a spirit that found in your purest heart. This also means you need to purify your heart from the contamination of the world. We are born pure, but our earthly desires corrupt us when we grow old. This is the time that we need to restore our hearts and start to walk again like a spirit. Finally, let’s make that walk a walk of life – a constant practice that earns an eternal life. Let’s become selfless and materially invisible. Invisibility is a great heroic power anyway.

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