How to Become Spiritual in Four Steps

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How to become spiritual? Living in spirit has many eternal benefits. One who is a truly spiritual person lives in love, joy, peace, self-control, gentleness and contentment. This person keeps away from earthly things, such as lust, greed, pride, wickedness, selfishness and envy. Being spiritual can give you a fulfilled life on Earth, as well as glorified existence for eternity. The following are four fundamental steps to awaken the spirit within you.

1. Get spiritual knowledge. Becoming spiritual begins from knowing spirituality. So you should read trusted spiritual books and texts, listen to spiritual people, and more importantly obtain knowledge about God. If you aren’t yet spiritual, you may not relate the spiritual information you will read and listen in the beginning. But don’t worry because this is just normal. You need to be patient and be humble to accept the spiritual things that come to your knowledge. Most of these pieces of heavenly information (e.g., faith, love, fasting, et cetera) are conflicting to your material life. To start acquiring the knowledge of God and the heavenly things, you need to have humility, faith and should start following and obeying what you have known.

2. Seek for spiritual wisdom. After you have gathered all the spiritual information you can, you need to analyze and discern the pure wisdom from the worldly wisdom. This is so important because you cannot assure the trueness of all the spiritual knowledge your have collected in your mind. Thus you must determine and hold the true knowledge from heaven and avoid the deceitful information from evil. Also, be warned that the earthly and diabolic wisdom may come in flowery words which are effective in deceiving many people. Remember that the true wisdom from God may not be in the form of eloquent words for they are not of human wisdom, but they are wisdom from heaven – they are pure, peaceful, kind, good-bearing, impartial, sincere and powerful.

3. Attain spiritual understanding. After you have determined all the pure wisdom and knowledge from God, what you will do next is to value them. You should give great importance to your choices and judgments. If you have chosen love over money, then you should stand for that choice. Many people fail in becoming truly spiritual because they fall short in getting spiritual understanding. They only read spiritual scriptures and judge its trueness, but they don’t value what they have judged. In other words they only succeed to accomplish the first and second steps, but fail to continue the next steps. In this step, you need to put great value to what you have realized. This value should lead you to put them (love, faithfulness, humility, kindness and peacefulness) into actions.

4. Have spiritual insight. If your spiritual understanding leads you to spiritual actions, spiritual insight will make those actions into spiritual habits. After you have obtained spiritual knowledge, wisdom and understanding, it’s time to make them integral parts of your life, future and direction. This is the time that you live in love, truth and godliness. This is the time that you truly and completely become spiritual.

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