How to Believe in Someone?

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How to believe in someone? How to believe a person who is close to your heart? How can you believe your wife or husband, parents, children, friends, leaders, teacher, manager, teammates, and even yourself? The answer is by justification. People always say that to see is to believe, but only few of them actually open their eyes. Nonbelievers are not to blame for not believing, but they are to be blamed for being lazy to do the things that are necessary for believing. In other words, believing needs a lot of patience and work to do it in a right manner. It is not just a matter of saying “I believe”, but it is a matter of saying “I know what I believe”.

To believe in someone we need to listen to what he says, watch what he shows, learn what he teaches, feel what he senses, and justify what he means. This sounds too difficult but if we really need to avoid the torment of doubt, then we need to work to gain belief. So if you love your wife and you want to believe in her, you should devote enough time and effort to do the necessary actions that will strengthen your belief and trust in her. Although a person is trustworthy, humans always carry with them the sense of doubt. This is why we should not just seek for the answer of the question do you believe in someone? But we must also assure that we can be able to answer the questions… how do you believe in someone and why do you believe in him? Here, the question on “how” is answered by steps, procedures and executions, while the question on “why” is answered by true and valid reasons. Finally, we should always bear in mind that believing is an action to preserve and promote truth, love and joy; and to triumph over deception, hatred and sorrow.

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