How to Break and Change Your Bad Habits

Habit letters on the floor

How to change you bad habits? How can we break our hard habit to break? Habits are routines of behavior and actions that are repeated regularly. They usually occur subconsciously. This means that we often act on them without our awareness. Are you wondering why you are losing your friends? It’s maybe because you have some unbearable habits that are causing them to fade away from you. Bad habits can ruin our career, relationship, business and even our health. Hence, we should start breaking them now before they can ruin our entire life.

Habits and insights
To smash our bad habits, we need to have good insights. Insights are what we see and stand in our future. We have unpleasant habits because it’s either we have bad insights or don’t have insights at all. An example of a powerful insight is to have an eternal life with God. If a person has this kind of insight, he will not be having sinful habits such as drunkenness, gluttony, lying, stealing, corruption, bullying, and hurting innocent people. Instead, he will possess the good habits such as self-controlling, telling the truth and loving people. But how can we acquire such great insight to have great habits?

Values and understanding
Our insight comes from our values and understanding. We get insight when we fully realize and give great value or importance to something. The first act of the series of actions that causes our habits comes from our values and understanding. Thus, if we want to change a series of our actions and behaviors (habit), we need to correct our values and understanding to start a new behavior. This innovative behavior will continue if we will produce insight from those values and understanding. Just like the insight of the eternal life, if we value it, we will give it a great importance and put into practice the things that will help us achieve it. Insight arises from our values and understanding. But how can we get such values and understanding?

Attitudes and wisdom
If we will look and think deeper within ourselves, we will realize that our values and understanding comes from our attitudes and wisdom. Attitudes, just like wisdom, are our ability to judge an item – whether it is positive, negative or neutral. Like attitudes, wisdom is not always right – there is a good wisdom and a bad wisdom. The wisdom that is pure is one that produces pure understanding – which then generates a great insight. Hence, if we want to have good values and understanding, we need to have good attitudes and wisdom. By arriving in this level of depth, we should realize that we have already reached the part of our selves that are easier to change – our attitude. To easily break a habit, we need to go down to our values (understanding), then to our attitudes (wisdom). By changing our attitude, we can change our values, and then our habits. Thus, the great value we have placed on our insight of eternal salvation will be initiated if we will judge it as a righteous and positive choice. But though attitudes and wisdom are easier to change than values and attitudes, they are still hard to adjust without amending our principles.

Principles and knowledge
Our principles are the roots of our characteristics. They make our attitudes, which originate our values and habits. They are the knowledge that makes our wisdom, which initiates our understanding and insight. Just like choosing our eternal salvation, we need to know it, to choose it. To achieve a transformation of our attitudes, we need to transform our principles. Changing a single principle can cause a significant change in your life. It is the fastest way to change yourself. To change our principles into better ones, we need to seek for better knowledge.

To break a hard habit to break, you need to soften it. To soften it, you need to go deeper and deeper until you have found the softest item that causes it. Then break it from there. You should start the transformation from the softest, which is also the deepest. In other words, you should start in this direction: from principles (knowledge), to attitudes (wisdom), to values (understanding), and then to habits (insight).

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