How to Change Your Bad Attitudes into Good Ones?

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How to change your attitude? How to make it better to improve your life? First, let us define what are we trying to change – what is an attitude anyway? An attitude is a person’s degree of like or dislike of an item: person, place, thing or event. This means it can be a negative or positive view, judgment or preference towards an object. An example is your attitude towards your job. Do you like it and do you have a positive view about it? If you are unhappy with your work, you may become unmotivated and consequently become unproductive in your workplace. Another example is you attitude towards your life as a whole. Do you like what’s happening on it or do you detest it? If we hate our life, we lose joy and passion to live on it. Thus, we suffer sadness and wickedness in living.  If we are also dissatisfied with our faces and physical appearance, we become insecure and envious of the beauty of other people. Thus, an attitude, which is the manifestation of our judgment and preference towards an item, can lead us to our actions and repetitive actions (habits).

To change our bad attitudes, we need to change what makes them. Our attitudes are based on our principles. Our principles are our own rules, assumptions or beliefs that we usually stand and follow. They are the originators of our judgments and preferences towards anything in our life. Thus, if our work principle states that “we only work if the price is right”, then working with a company that compensate less that our efforts will definitely become uninteresting and unfavorable. Moreover, if your principle in life affirms that “to see is to believe”, then you will be likely become passionate with material things such as money and physical beauty, while becoming uninterested with spiritual things such as love and kindness. This attitude brings more disappointments and frustrations in life since matters perish and there is no contentment that can be found on them.

If we want to have good or even great attitudes, we must also have great principles. If we want to have great principles we need to seek more knowledge. This is because the greater knowledge we have, the greater principles we can adopt in our life. So at this moment of time, we should already start evaluating our own principles that govern ourselves. Are they good or bad? If you are keeping bad principles, then you must get rid of them and find for the righteous principles that will make you a better and greater person. This is how we change our attitudes – change your principles.

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