How to Change Your Values

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How to change your values? Do we really need to change them? Our personal values are responsible for our immediate personal and ethical actions. A value cannot be considered a value if not valued or given a significant importance. This is the reason why it has the power to initiate one’s actions. A person’s value goes with his understanding, as the latter is the deep realization of his acquired knowledge and wisdom. Values are more powerful than human principles and attitudes when it comes to practice. This is because a principle lies in our knowledge (knowing), attitude in our wisdom (discerning), while a value goes to our understanding (practicing).

So do we really need to modify our values, assuming we have them? Yes, we need to correct our values as we also need to correct our minds, hearts and hands that produce our actions. Just like having bogus understanding, we can also have false values. We should remember that the conceptualization of our stored knowledge based on our experience and deep realization does not warrant absolute truth and righteousness. Just like following our hearts, we cannot guarantee that they are always right, for they may be contaminated with negative elements such as greed and envy which can also reside within those hearts of ours.

So how do we change and correct our values?
Correcting our values is the process of correcting our attitudes and principles. This is even faster and less difficult than correcting our habits (an established series of behaviors). Transforming our values is like transforming our understanding – the process which involves the transformation of our knowledge and wisdom. An example of personal value (understanding) is the realization that love is more important than money. This value leads to a habit of prioritizing social relationship than financial profit. In reverse, this value originates from our attitude (wisdom), which is our choice and judgment that love is greater than money. This attitude (wisdom) is then the fruit of our principle or knowledge that love is more eternal than money. From this example, we learn that to correct our values (understanding), we need to correct our attitude (wisdom) and principles (knowledge). So if you want to improve your life, you need to improve your values and understanding. You can do that by using your freewill to make the best choice (wisdom). Finally, you can make the best choice by obtaining the best principles through acquiring the best knowledge.

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