How to Develop More Discipline

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How to develop more self-discipline? Everyone has his own discipline, the only problem is that most of us lack the required self-discipline we need for self-improvement and personal development. Discipline is a controlled behavior which may include the enforcement of order and rules of conduct, the practice of self-control, the systematic method to obtain obedience, the exercise for developing one’s skills, the instruction of learning, and the correction of our own mistakes. Self-discipline is always found in all of us because we all follow something or someone. The only question is that whose order or rules are we following?

Becoming a Disciple
Discipline comes from the word “disciple”, one who is an active follower or adherer. One can be a disciple of money and the other can be a disciple of love. People can be followers of morality or followers of corruption. We can be obedient of honesty or be an obedient of deceit. Thus, to develop ourselves in the right persons we want to be, we need to be disciples of the right things. If we want to live a happy life, we should become disciples of joy and peace, while we become enemies of anger and turmoil. Moreover, if we want to achieve our goals such as to become a great leader, we must become disciples of great leadership. Accordingly, we must actively follow the steps to become a great leader.

Following and obeying
Having more discipline means having more obedience. But how can we control ourselves to successfully follow someone or something? The answer is knowing and understanding. Think for example if you want to have a healthy body. If you totally know and understand the importance of good health to your life, then you will be more enthusiastic to obey your body. We can observe that most people only start performing exercises and get interested with a balance diet when they realize how important it is to have a good health. Unfortunately, this realization often comes when they already get sick.

Focus is vital to having self-discipline. This is because we cannot really serve several masters at the same time. Thus, we need to learn how to prioritize things, choose things and stand for them through thick and thin. We must always remember that an active disciple is one who devotes most of his time and energy to his master. Therefore, if we want to achieve a very important goal, we should assure that we really give it a great importance by not only thinking and feeling it, but also living on it with all our energy and strength. Here, if you want to preserve your name and integrity, then you should always live standing in the side of integrity, without accommodating anything that will besmear your good name.

Simply, to develop more self-discipline, we must find, know and understand the right things that will help us develop ourselves and achieve real success. Then we should become active and concentrated disciples of those things. Finally, these things are the virtues such as kindness, diligence, honesty, faithfulness, self-control, and other things that can co-exist, be united and harmonized in the framework of love – a master that can teach us a very tough discipline.

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