How to Fall in Love?

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Everyone who believes in love wants to fall in love. Everyone who wants to be truly happy desires to find their true love. Love is just a wonderful feeling. It also teaches virtues that can make someone patient, gentle, honest, unselfish and even strong. If you want to experience the moment of falling in love, the following are fundamental answers on the universal question “how to fall in love”.

How to fall in love?
To fall in love, you must have a motion – an action of loving. Then you should be the object in that motion where the gravity is the one whom you are falling into. That gravity could be your husband or wife, boyfriend or girlfriend, and God or even yourself. Falling in love is not just easy as 123, of course you need to practice it until you learn how to fall perfectly. Everyone loves differently, for everyone has a different meaning of love. That is why before you fall in love, you must first learn how to define it.

How to fall in love with yourself?
To fall in love with yourself, you must know yourself. Knowing yourself is finding your inner self. It is done by looking at your spirit. You should seek for answers on the questions about the meaning and purpose of your life. If you will find your essence, you will start to value yourself. You must also know how to become unselfish. This is because selflessness lifts your spirit and gives you greatness. When it comes to falling in love with your physical form, it happens when you take self-control.

How to fall in love with someone?
To fall in love with someone, you must first found a love within yourself. This is because you cannot give love to someone if you don’t have a love to give. Review the previous answer on how to fall in love with yourself. If you have done it, then this is the time to multiply that love by sharing it to someone. The point is simple; you cannot love others if you don’t even know how to love yourself. You cannot truly make someone happy, if you don’t have happiness to share. You can’t transform someone to be good, if there is no kindness in your heart. So produce love first to supply the demand of others.

How to fall in love with your wife?
To fall in love with your wife, you must be a loving husband. A loving person is one who has an abundant supply of love, patience, gentleness, truthfulness, peacefulness and kindness. If you are not filled with those things, then don’t just wait for them to come over to you. Of course you need to work for them – you need to practice them until you can do them the right way. It takes a lot of strength and endurance. Hence, you must be hardworking, strong and enduring. This is why falling in love is better done than said. It is uniting all your good virtues into one powerful virtue – that is love.

How to fall in love with your husband?
To fall in love with your husband, you must become a faithful wife. It must be noted that love is greater than faith. So if faith is absent in your heart, love could never be present in you. Now if you become faithful, you should continue that way. In addition to that, you must keep your faith alive by showing and doing things that manifest love. You should also execute it with a cheerful heart. You can only do it if your faith is justified in your heart. How to do that? Listen to him, know him, understand him and think a bright future for your husband.

How to fall in love with God?
To fall in love with God, you must realize how much God loves you. To realize it, you need to ask Him by praying, listen to Him through reflection, and see Him by becoming spiritual. You also need to verify Him by reading His written words and understand Him by practicing what your read. By doing all of them, you will realize that God has been loving you since the beginning. He’s also loving you despite of your sins by forgiving and forgetting them. And no matter how many times you have rejected Him, He is always faithfully and patiently fighting for His love for you. He even sacrificed His only begotten son to save you.

How to fall in love all over again?
To fall in love all over again, you must elevate your body and not land your feet in the ground. This simply means to never quit. There should always be a hope that keeps your feet off the land. Moreover, falling in love doesn’t mean a free fall. There should be a discipline in falling. This discipline should help you glide smoothly and lastingly to always be falling in love.

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