How to Find God?

How to find God? How can we see God? Let us seek for answers and enlightenment on those questions. Finding our Creator, often, is a very difficult task. This is because we are dealing with an almighty spiritual being – someone who is not usually seen by our naked eyes. Some people (some scientists, naturalists and physicists) don’t believe what they don’t see. It’s okay; I also don’t believe what I don’t see. I believe in God because I see God. But I do not only use my biological eyes to see God, I also use my metaphysical and spiritual eyes to see Him. If you want to fully understand what I am saying, I’ve written a short poem – a brief writing that answers how to find and see God.

How to find God?
That’s what we always ask.
As if God is lost and He cannot be seen.
As if God has left us and disappear right in front of us.

Don’t you realize, God is always there for us?
He is not missing, He is clear as light.
He never vanished, He never leaves us.
He never disappears right in front of us.

We don’t see Him, because our eyes are close.
We don’t notice Him, because our mind has other boss.
We don’t feel Him, because our heart is broke.
We can’t touch Him, because our hands are full of other work.

So do you want to find God?
Why don’t you find yourself?
Aren’t you the one who is lost?
Aren’t you the one who has left Him?

If you want to see God, open your eyes.
If you want to notice Him, clear your mind.
If you want to feel Him, purify your heart.
If you want to touch Him, handover your life.

This is how we will find God.
Let us return where we have left Him.
Let’s open our eyes where we have seen Him before.
Let us find our inner selves which have been missing all along.

I hope you’ve understood the meaning of that short piece of writing. I also hope it has given you more enlightenment and power. If you think this post is good, please do spread the good news by sharing this to the social site buttons (like Facebook and Twitter) found at the bottom of this post.  Thank you and always be in the Hands of God.

“Blessed are the pure in heart,
for they will see God.” -Matthew 5:8-12

“At first I ask myself… how can I believe a God whom I cannot see? But when I had a life full of joy and love, I said to myself… Oh I see.” – VQA

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  1. Nitish

    how to find God?

    its inside you,
    always speaks you before you take any action
    encourages you to go for good
    stops you from doing anything wrong

    listen to your inner voice
    that is the voice of God.

    and what ever you do after listening his voice will always be the God’s work where you are medium.

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