How to Gain Your Employees’ Trust in 12 Ways

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How can you gain your employees’ trust? If you are an employer, manager or one who is in a supervisory position, you will definitely want to know the secret to building trust and confidence from your subordinates or employees. Although most people who are in the managerial level position have undergone several managerial and leadership trainings, most of them still fail to obtain the trust they need to manage and administer their departments or organization. Harmonious relationships inside the organization are vital to the organizational success and productivity. That is why every employer, business leader or manager must achieve his or her subordinates’ trust optimally. The following are twelve ways to help you become a trustworthy employer.

1. Show trust. Employees or any person will most likely trust you if you, yourself, will also show trust to them. Though your subordinates seem to have weaknesses, as human beings, they have the instinct to become better and more capable when they learn that they are being trusted. If you don’t trust your employees, you don’t trust the persons who have hired them. If you are one of the persons who have hired them, then you don’t trust yourself. If you don’t trust yourself, how can your employees trust in you?

2. Walk the talk. If you have presented an action plan to your employees, then you should put them into action at their scheduled dates. If you won’t execute your promises, you will be like a false prophet who gives false prophesies – who wants to believe a false prophet?

3. Listen actually. Most managers listen, but they don’t listen actually. This means you should not just lend your ears to your employees, but you should also lend your hands to them. In other words, you should “ACT”tually listen to them. So if one of your subordinate tells you that your office needs to become safe and comfortable for work (as required by the law), you should not just listen to what he have said, but you should also act and realize his request if it is appropriate.

4. Be humble. Great persons are humble persons. Matured people are also humble people. Leaders should be the greatest, most matured and humblest persons inside an organization. So if you want to earn trust and respect from your subordinates, be greater, more matured and humbler than them.

5. Be a servant. Another important character of a great manager or leader is being a servant. As the persons who have the greatest positions inside the office, managers are also the ones who have the greatest duties and responsibilities. Hence, if you want to gain trust from your employees, you should not forget to serve all the benefits and assistance which are due to them.

6. Be careful. If you look impressive, people will initially trust in you. But you must be prudent enough not to break this trust that they have given to you when they first saw you. Furthermore, people are people – they are human beings who are personally and emotionally uncontrollable. That is why you should always be careful when it comes to dealing with their hearts and brains.

7. Rejoice in the truth. This means you must be a person of honesty. If I’m an employee, I will hardly trust an employer who celebrates when he or she has successfully fooled or cheated a client, worker, investor, creditor or just anyone else. So always have a clear conscience and live in the side of truth.

8. Be powerful and gentle. If strength is power, self-control is also a power. If you want to build your employees’ confidence, you should show to them that you have the power and strength to lift them up and protect them, as well as the gentleness to hold them softly while lifting and protecting them.

9. Be more knowledgeable. Knowledge is also a power. It is a light that brightens up our ways. You should give light to your workers (instead of giving them darkness and confusion) to make them trusting and confident employees. So in every instruction or command you make, be sure that they make sense.

10. Show your wisdom. Wisdom is the ability to discern what is right from wrong and make correct judgments based on one’s knowledge and understanding. To be a reliable leader and top decision maker, you should have the ability to make the best decisions, as well as the finest actions.

11. Be understanding. Understanding comes when you give value and importance to your employees. It is realized when these values lead you to execute the right things to do. Obviously, this is one of the most powerful ways to achieve trust from your employees.

12.  Be graceful. Finally, be generous and forgiving. You should learn how to give what is more than your employees deserve and know how to forgive their offenses. You should also do it equally and customarily. Bear in mind that you are doing it not to be abused, but to show your abundance of love, blessings and patience. This will guarantee that your employees will trust in you.

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