How to Improve Yourself as a Person?

Rational thinking

How to improve yourself as a person? To improve yourself as a person, you need to improve your habits by improving your insights. To develop your insights, you should develop your values. To build up your values, you must build up your understanding. To progress your understanding, you need to progress your wisdom. To advance your wisdom, you need to improve your attitudes. To improve your attitudes, you must develop your principles. To develop your principles, you need to increase your knowledge. To increase your knowledge, you must read, listen, research and reflect. Following these steps will improve your personality because they will not only change your heart and mind, but also change your foundation of living.

We, the persons or human beings, are the most intelligent species that live on this world. So if you want to improve yourself as a person, you should stand yourself as a human who is capable of rational thinking. Thus, if dogs show patience, why can’t we show more? If ants work diligently, why can’t we become more diligent? And if a flock of birds cooperate in unity and in harmony why can’t we become more united? If we can’t even surpass the great moral characteristics of these animals, then how can we able to exceed and improve our personal qualities? People are on the top of the ecosystem because of their one unique ability – the ability to make a choice. Our free will gives us a great advantage over other species. Thus, to indeed improve our personality, as well as our humanity, we must utilize our freewill by choosing the best decisions. Then, we should always assure that these decisions will be putted into actions and will warrant our future.

Self-improvement is not only for people who are not improved as the term suggests. We must also understand that as long as we live, we need to keep on improving ourselves. This acceptance is our first step to improvement. This step needs our humility – a virtue that should evolve into a great personality.

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