How to Improve Yourself: 10 Secrets You Must Know

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How to improve yourself? What are the best ways to self improvement? If we can make ourselves better, we can make our lives better. If we can make our lives better, we can help other lives better. Thus, I bring to you the following 10 secrets you must know about improving yourself.

1.  Improve your eyes
This isn’t literal and it doesn’t mean you need to put cucumber in your eyes to improve them. This means you need to improve the things you prefer to see. Our personality is affected by what we always look at: the movies we watch, the books we read, the people we glance, or the pictures we browse. If you want to improve yourself, you need to change your visual preferences. You need to make your eyes widely open to things that will improve yourself and shut your eyelids to things that will drag yourself to destruction. So keep your eyes open on books, websites, shows and people that will encourage and help you empower yourself. Then close your eyes to immorality and too much entertainment, for they won’t bring progress to yourself. Don’t worry to not to see all things, for you don’t need to see everything to know and learn everything.

2. Improve your ears
If you have understood the discussion in no. 1, then you will easily understand how to improve your ears to develop yourself. Simply, we will not achieve self improvement if we will spend much of our time in listening to gossips and gibberish talks. There are many people out there who speak wisdom and enlightenment. They are scattered everywhere holding those knowledge and wisdom you need for self-help and encouragement. You just need to give some efforts to recognize them and listen to them. Of course to improve your listening, you also need to stop talking, for you can’t hear soundly while you are speaking loudly.

3. Improve your nose
This one is for your health and physical improvement. Think of the smell of cigarette and the aroma of wines and alcoholic drinks. They are everywhere waiting to infuse addiction to its victims. We all know that nicotine addictions and drunkenness can hinder our way to self improvement. So keep away from places with wild parties where smoking and wild drinking are evident.

4. Improve your mouth
Your mouth is the way to your expression, and a person can be judged according to the words he speaks. If you want to improve yourself, you need to improve your words and statements. You need to develop prudence, wisdom, honesty and integrity for yourself. In contrast, you need to shun carelessness, foolishness and deceit. Moreover, you also need to learn when to say a word and when to shut your mouth. This is because silence doesn’t always mean calmness and expression doesn’t always mean cleverness.

5. Improve your brain
Improve your thoughts, your ideas, your knowledge, your wisdom, your understanding your insight and the way you think – this is what it means. With the help of your improved eyes and ears, you are on your way to improving all the things that comes in your head.

6. Improve your heart
To improve our heart and strengthen our emotions, we need to learn a very difficult thing – loving. The practice of love is the root to all powerful emotions such as kindness, peace, carefulness, patience, faithfulness, hope and righteousness. If you think loving is an easy thing to do and you already don’t need to learn it – then you may read this article entitled the 10 Secrets of True Love.

7. Improve your hands
This time it’s all about execution of the things which our hearts desire and our minds plan. In other words, we need to improve our work. We can’t progress ourselves by just improving our thoughts and emotions- we need to improve our actions. So always find quality in everything you do. It goes to all whether you are a businessman, a teacher, writer, leader, student, wife, husband, et cetera.

8. Improve your feet
With this one, I’m talking about speed and acceleration. We need to improve our speed or efficiency if we want to attain self development. In our journey to success, we always face troubles and often commit mistakes. The good thing is that we learn from them. The greatest thing is that we can use those lessons to make us stronger, better and faster.

9. Improve your spirit
Now, if you want to permanently improve yourself, the best way is to improve your spirit. You need to go beyond your flesh. You need to go to the thing that is eternal and lasts forever – your spirit. To do this, you don’t just improve yourself to benefit your 120-year (or less) life on Earth, you also need to assure a better you after the end of time. So you need to improve your faith by working it with the love that comes from your heart and with the knowledge and understanding that come from your mind. I do believe in God, our spiritual Father… as I also believe in Big Bang that gives birth to the Universe.

10. Improve them all, improve your soul
The conclusion of all these self improvement discussions is to improve everything in you – your soul. We cannot totally improve ourselves just by improving our eyes or only our brain. All of our parts are working together as one. If we will only develop a portion of ourselves like our brain, the remaining parts within us will still influence and drag our brain to its original state. Even if you learn a new and a better thing, if you are still hearing, seeing and loving the old thing, the chance is… you will still return to that old thing.

I hope you have learned some points to help you succeed in your way to self improvement.

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