How to Keep a Secret the Right Way?

Padlock for privacy

How to keep a secret? Do you have something to hide? Did your best friend relay you something you ought to conceal? Keeping a secret is a difficult task. That is why, before we put ourselves in a position to cover something, we should first consider the consequences of that secrecy. We must remember that in all things we do, we should always become righteous to avoid sinning. Therefore, the first step to keep a secret is to choose the right secrets to keep.

Secrets that shouldn’t be kept
There are kinds of secrets that we should not conceal in the first place. Obvious concealment that raise so many doubts and questions should not be covered. This will only make you a big liar. It will also provoke people for your clear foolishness. Secrets that will surely hurt people in the future should not also be kept. The reason is that the longer it is kept, the deeper the wound it will make. Problems and troubles should not also be hidden. They should be reported so that they will be solved early and will not get worse in the future because of a cover up. Just like a disease, we should diagnose it early to be cured early. We should not hide secrets that will cause us to lie, make things worse, and intended to hurt people. We must not keep rotten things within ourselves, for they will only contaminate our personality if they will stay longer within us.

Secrets that may be kept
All of human clandestine will be known in the future. In other words we cannot hold anything as a secret forever. So the only secrets that we may be concealing are the ones that perish in a short-time. They are the secrets without negative consequences, without a pressure to make you lie, and without the effect of continuously damaging other people. What kind of secrets are these? Do they really exist? Yes, and they are common in our everyday lives. One example of these things that we should keep it to ourselves is our wrath. Unreasonable anger should not be shown to anyone for it will only worsen any situation. We should hide it within ourselves and make sure to melt it immediately. This is an example of secret that do not lasts, therefore can be kept. Other spontaneous emotions such as jealousy and envy (as long as they will be quenched away) can also be kept as secrets. Good secrets that are intended to be revealed in a short time such as surprise party and secret prizes can also be concealed, provided you will not commit a lie. In the following paragraph, we will discuss how to keep them without corrupting your honesty and trustworthiness.

Keeping the secrets
How to keep those secrets above? How to hide those secrets without committing a lie, without hurting other people and without corrupting your good character? We have done the first step by choosing only the right secrets to keep, as we’ve discussed earlier. The second step is to avoid people to make questions that will force you to lie on them. To do that, you just need to be honest. You need to tell them you have a secret, and you are not going to tell them anything about it. Isn’t it safe and cool? You don’t need to exert extra efforts to hide a secret because the harder you will cover it, the noisier you will make it. The final part of keeping a secret is to not keep it. This means you need to end it either by revealing it or eliminating it within you. The hatred, envy and jealousy you have kept must be eradicated inside you as early as the sun goes down. The nice surprises you have concealed must be revealed at the scheduled time. This is how we keep secrets.

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