How to Know a Person?

shadow of a man

How to really know a person?
How to recognize someone completely?
To truly know someone,
you need to follow him.
You need to watch what he sees,
listen to what he hears,
experience what he feels,
and understand what he thinks.

To watch what he sees,
you need to go where he goes.
To listen what he hears,
you need to be quiet when you’re with him.
To experience what he feels,
you need to practice what he does.
To understand what he think,
you need to realize what you practice.

To fully recognize someone,
we need interest to start knowing him,
we need knowledge to base our judgments,
we need wisdom to choose the right actions,
we need understanding to conclude those actions,
and we need insight to stay on those conclusions.
This is how we really know someone.
We need to obey him for a while.

Knowing starts from accepting that you need to know.
It continues by having questions
It is done by having the answers to those questions
For if you know someone,
you will be able to answer the questions about him
you will be able to identify him,
you will be able to recognize him,
and distinguish him from among the others,

This is just like knowing God,
If we know Him, we surely obey Him.
Because we will know how powerful He is,
we will understand how loving He is,
we will appreciate how humble He is,
we will justify how faithful He is,
we will confirm how truthful He is,
we will prove that He only wants the best for us.

Now, let’s turn the table on you,
Do you know who you are?
If not, then find your inner self,
hear your conscience,
purify your heart,
enlighten your mind,
find righteousness in your spirit,
and put your life in truth and in love.

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  1. Christian

    this is one of the nicest poem i’ve ever read.thanks :)


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