How to Know the Secret Things of God?

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How to know the secret things of God, such as His will and plans for us? If you are seeking for true love, joy, peacefulness, wisdom, contentment and thankfulness, then knowing God’s hidden things will greatly benefit you. This is because if God has the power to create the Earth and the Universe, He can also have the power to simply make you happy. To uncover the secret things of God, the following steps will guide you:

1. Be spiritual. God is a spirit and His dwelling is in Heaven. If you aren’t spiritual, then how can you relate to His things, which are spiritual? Thus, if you stick from the earthly things such as money and flesh, your eyes will be blind of the heavenly things. So we must walk and live spiritually to see and comprehend the secret things of God.

2. Be Holy. Though it may sound too difficult for the common people to become holy, you must keep on practicing it. If you will consistently practice godliness, then the Holy Spirit will dwell in your heart. The Holy Spirit searches the depth of God, which lead to disclosing His will and plans for us.

3. Have pure and heavenly wisdom. We can have human wisdom, evil’s wisdom or pure wisdom from God. Human wisdom can be in the form of eloquent words but this kind of wisdom is susceptible to errors. The wisdom from the devil is so attractive and tempting but this will drag anyone to hell. While the wisdom from heaven may not sound flowery and attractive, this wisdom is pure, gentle and powerful. Various types of wisdom are scattered everywhere, so choose the wisdom of God.

4. Be understanding. To understand the secret things of God, you must turn at His rebuke and keep on obeying Him. You should also depart from evil and the works of wickedness. God’s secret things can be read in the books inspired by Him and can be heard from people sent by Him. To understand these things, you must keep on practicing them.

5. Live in love. Love is the foundation of all of God’s laws and commandments. His virtues and graces come from the abundance of His love. So to understand the roots of God and the fruits He want to bear with you, you must not just love for a while, but you must live in love.

God’s secret things, such as His wisdom, insight and grace already existed even before the beginning of time and even before we ever existed. In other words, they are already destined to be given to us as our gifts for eternity. Obtaining these gifts are matters of acceptance, faith, love and obedience to Him. So let us be humble, open our hands to accept these gifts and experience the secret things of God.

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