How to Make a Good Plan (The SMARTEST Plan)

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How to make a good plan? How to create a good plot that will effectively help you achieve your targeted goals? If you’ve heard about a SMART plan, it can be a good start to arrange your strategies to accomplish your objectives.  A SMART plan stands for a specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound plan. Other management strategists suggest a SMARTER plan, which added ER (evaluation and reevaluation) to the original SMART meaning. Smart and smarter have already helped many people create more effective and efficient procedures that have achieved their certain objectives. But this time, I will be discussing a more powerful type of a plan – the SMARTEST Plan.

Specific. Your plan must be specific. It should specifically answer specific questions. It should also give definite solutions to definite problems. For example, if you want to go to another place, you should specify your plan. You don’t just plan to ride a bus, but you must plan to ride a specific bus, in a specific bus station, to a specific place, at a specific price, and at a specific time. This will ensure that you will reach your destination and avoid going in the wrong direction. Likewise, if you want to get rich, you should also create a specific plan to realize it. You don’t just plan to use the virtue of diligence, but you need to specify what kind of diligence you will use to accomplish your aim. Thus, you should plan to become diligent in a specific skill, work or profession, become diligent in a specific series of time, become diligent in using specific tools and systems and become diligent with specific people. By becoming specific, you are not just hitting the dart board, but you are hitting the bull’s eye.

Measurable. Divide and rule! If you want to succeed a plan, it should become measurable and divisible. Thus, your plan must include time, days, amount, value and other units for measuring success and accomplishment. Therefore, you don’t just aim to be rich, because it is not a measurable plan. Instead, you should aim for measurable riches, with a measurable time to achieve it. An example of a measurable plan is to increase your net worth by 120,000 dollar within the next 12 months. Here, you can divide this to have a 10,000 dollar target every month. A measurable plan is useful not only in your current effort to achieve it, but also as a reference for your future analysis.

Achievable. This simply means that your plan should not become unreasonable, impracticable and impossible. Every plan has set of objectives and corresponding steps and procedures to achieve those objectives. Hence, if you create an unattainable objective, you will also be making unattainable steps to achieve it.  Thus, you cannot just aim for a million dollar target within a year if you can only earn a maximum of 10,000 dollar a month.

Relevant / Rewarding. Let us say you have successfully achieved your plan because you have made it well. But what if that achievement has no value and importance in your life? Would you feel truly successful, fulfilled and accomplished? A plan should be relevant and has something to do with your life. It should give you personal development, which develops yourself and your ability to develop others. Thus if you want to make a more powerful plan, you can further improve your plan “to earn a hundred thousand dollar within this year” to “to earn a hundred thousand dollar within this year to help yourself and your family.”

Trackable / Time-bound. You should be able to track the progress of your plan. This is to determine your actions and procedures if they are effectively and efficiently meeting your objectives based on your time frame. To track our example of a “relevant hundred thousand dollar target within this year”, we can make an accounting and audit on our monthly income statement to monitor our progress and maintain it, as well as our fall-down to recover it. If your plan is measurable, tracking it will become more efficient.

Enthusiastic. Plans should be energetic. A plan, although relevant and rewarding, can still become not enthusiastic because of people’s natural indolence. Often, our passion only exists in the beginning but fades out eventually. To have a consistently enthusiastic plan, we must ensure that we accept, appreciate and love all of its elements, such as its objectives, steps, tools, systems, et cetera. Thus if we want to make our plan in earning a thousand dollar within this year an enthusiastic one, we can choose a more enthusiastic and feasible job or work to earn it.

Scrutinized / Evaluated. You will be using your plan until you attain success. Furthermore, you will also use it for future references. Therefore, it always best to come up with a plan that is well scrutinized to avoid the cost of amending and repeating it. Always remember that to attain success, patience and prudence should be executed as early as in the process of planning. Many people have failed because they don’t invest adequate time and effort in the formulation of their plans.

Tested. A strategic plan is one that is tested. A tested plan ensures that a system or set of procedures meet its objectives. If you want to have the SMARTEST plan that can guarantee your success, you should create a tested plan, whether it is tested by yourself, tested by other people or both. Again, in our quest for a hundred thousand dollar earning within this year, we can implement a plan or system that is already tested. Perhaps, we have already done it last year, so we can use that system again this year with a gradual increase. If we have not yet tested any system that has effectively worked for us, we can also adopt a particular system that has been tested by a decent number of reliable people. Of course we still need to scrutinize it to ensure that it will also work for us.

There you are… the SMARTEST plan. So if you want to become successful this New Year, make a plan that is specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, trackable, enthusiastic, scrutinized and tested. Finally, if you think this article is good, please spread the good news by sharing it to the social buttons found below.

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