How to not be Afraid to Die

How to not be afraid to die? How to overcome your fear of death? Worrying about our own destruction can be tormenting while we are still living on Earth. Dealing with it continuously can dwindle our daily productivity. It can also affect our focus and strength towards our goals to good life. Moreover, people who are afraid to die are also afraid of dead people, cemetery, ghosts and other things that are related to death. As a personal development coach, I want to help everyone improve their personality by conquering this kind of fear in their hearts.

Know death and life
False knowledge causes our fear, true knowledge will also be the one to end that fear. People are worried of death because of bogus pieces of information that have stored in their minds. They stick on the principle of materiality rather than spirituality. They don’t know life that is eternal. That is why they give so much importance on the maximum 120-year human life on Earth. Consequently, they become afraid of the things beyond that lifetime. To erase our fear of death, we should know and understand the truth about death itself. There are two kinds of death: the first death which is temporal and the second death of our soul which is eternal.  In the first death, people will be in the graveyard, while in the second, they may be in hell (if will they will not receive eternal salvation). On the other hand, there can also be two types of life, a temporal life and an eternal life of our soul (our flesh + spirit). The first life is the life we live on Earth that faces death, while the second is the life after death which is glorified and made eternal. In the Day of the Judgment, all who died will be resurrected to face the Judgment of God according to their faith, love, works and righteousness. Those who receive salvation will enter the Kingdom of God and live for eternity, while all who don’t will be cast in hell and receive destruction and torment forever. Here we can point out that physical death, though inevitable, is only temporary. There is a second death that we should be worry of and there is an eternal life that we must achieve.

Choose Life
Now that we know what is eternal death and life, we must choose eternal life. In physical death, we cannot do anything to prevent it. But in the second death, we are given the free will to do everything to prevent it. Thus, we can start to eradicate our fear of death (whether temporal and permanent) if we will choose everlasting life. Choosing everlasting life means choosing love, kindness, humility, self-control, faithfulness, righteousness, peace, and thankfulness. It also means obeying the commandments of God and departing from evil.

Value life
After making our choice and after favoring eternal life over death, we must value that choice we made. So if you choose love, kindness and godliness, you must completely give them importance so that those choices of yours will be put into actions. In other words, we don’t just know them and choose them, but we must also do them.

Live life
To fully erase our fear of dying and being tormented endlessly in hell, we should not only practice once or sometimes the things that give us eternal life, but we must also practice them constantly throughout our lives. Those who have known the truth, if they come back to sinning and disobedience, may still be worried of their end. Here we need to have the confidence to face the judgment. We can have this confidence through living in love. This is because love is the one that binds all the good virtues we need to gain salvation from God.

Prove life
My unspiritual brothers always question me when I discuss life after death and other spiritual matters. They always ask for concrete evidences to prove what I am talking about. I always tell them the following. The concrete evidence of life after death is not found after we die. It is found and manifested in the persons who have chosen and living in eternal life now. The love, gentleness, self-control, faithfulness, joy, peacefulness, contentment and confidence that they are enjoying now are the proofs of spiritual trueness. On the other hand, deceit, greed, envy and wrath are the evidences of the wicked flesh and evil. We must always remember that eternity is not necessarily achieved after we die, it can be achieved now. We can already begin to live an eternal life now by knowing, choosing, standing, living and proving that kind of life now. So start by using your power to choose now! Eternal life or death? It’s your choice.

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