How to Relax Yourself from Stress?

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How to relax yourself from stress? Stress refers to the effect of the failure of an organism (animals or humans) to respond appropriately to his or her emotional, mental or physical threats, which are either actual or imagined. In psychology, it is how our body reacts to a stimulus called a stressor. Stress can give us lot of troubles such as weakening our body’s defense systems, destroying our concentration, and diminishing our energy causing us to wane our productivity. Stress can also make us irritable and more prone to anger which may affect the way we communicate and deal with other people. It can also break our self-discipline causing us to lose control. It damages our resistance not only against physical diseases but also against emotional and spiritual contamination such as wrath, lying, iniquity, pride and sloth. Thus, it is very important for us to learn how to relax ourselves and reduce our stress.

So how can we relax ourselves and overcome stress? Are you familiar with the phrase… just relax, take it easy? Stress is a bunch of reactions. Hence, if we want to relax, we should stop reacting for a while. To relax has several synonyms such as to unwind, calm down, slow down, loosen up, lighten up, and even to have a rest or a break. But though relaxation may sounds easy to do, it may actually become difficult to be done. Nevertheless, for a person who is ready to relax, this refreshing and revitalizing activity is surely at his hand.

To relax effectively, you should relax the last part of yourself that has been affected by stress. If it is your eyes, you might just need to take a nap. If it is your brain, you need to forget something. If it is your heart, you should start forgiving. If it is your spirit, you should embrace the truth. And if it’s already your entire life, you should go back to God. Now, to nap, we just need to close our eyes; to forget, we need to learn a new thing; to forgive, we need to love; to embrace the truth, we need to reflect for wisdom; and to go back to God, we need to practice godliness. Furthermore, to close our eyes, we just need to see nothing; to learn a new thing, we need to think a new thing; to love, we need to give and be humble; to have wisdom, we need to trust and fear the Lord; and to practice godliness, we need to depart from evil and obey God’s commands. Now, if you are a non-believer, yet you want an immediate relaxation, you may obey your conscience.

There will always be a call for the need of relaxation from our own body. It is our body’s way to defend itself from outside corruptors (such as the stressors) and its way to call for help for the more powerful part of ourselves such as our mind and spirit. That is why it is vital that we should always listen to its needs by admitting that we really need to relax and finish successfully this activity for the sake of our entire well-being.

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